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Rotten Fish

The political earthquake that happened Tuesday in Massachusetts has changed the landscape. For a short while there the Democrats thought they had captured the country, wrapped them in swaddling clothes and put them to bed. They thought they could milk the system to their benefit and no one would care or notice. They thought they could destroy the finest health care system the world has ever known with no one raising a voice against it. They thought they could increase the debt by trillions, give billions to unions and other Democrat constituencies without a murmur by the cowed populace. They thought they had a handle on the future, with the Democratic party the home of the young, the hip, the cool. They thought their message of hope and change was enough to quiet the crowd, but they were wrong. The message the Obamacrats were sending out was not selling. There’s an old saying: People won’t buy rotten fish. And rotten fish is what Obama and Reid and Pelosi were selling.



The cauldron hot, they stir the pot

And watch the swirling mist

Pronouncing every moving dot

Too lovely to be kissed

They think, they know, they own the show

The universe is theirs

The message for the plebes below

Is only mama cares

But power brings to would-be kings

Omnipotence and awe

But hubris shows what hubris brings

To those who flout the law