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The Good Ship Obamacare

Obamacare is like a storm tossed, dismasted ship in a hurricane, the helmsman blind and the captain drunk.

The frothing sea, the howling gale
The shore alee, the blown out sail
The ship is rent, no mercy gives
Nor winds relent, and yet she lives
She crests the wave, and then she rolls
No chance to save, so say the polls
The how we know, and why she’s sunk
‘Twas Captain O, just power drunk

Wide Corridors

It is now revealed that the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, has a hidden provision called Risk Corridors, where the government, that is the taxpayers, will reimburse the insurance companies for any losses incurred from Obamacare. How nice. Obama cares not for the Constitution or the law, believing the law is what he says it is. It matters not that he has no legal power to change the health care law the Congress passed, he will do it anyway, with no one to oppose him, not the courts, not the Republican Party. Out of chaos will come, all as planned, an obeisant insurance industry, and the coveted Marxist ideological single payer system

Obamacare is now and always meant
To be a step to single payer goal
Risk corridors were just the instrument
And soon we’ll know for whom the bells will toll
Wide corridors expansive and ornate
Extend for miles beyond what sense descries
All filled with smiling servants of the State
Who willingly defend Obama’s lies
Before the smiling servants flee the mass
Down corridors that narrow as they run
So narrow none but single payers pass
And no one ever sees again the sun
The finest healthcare system in the world
The corridors of power now lay bare
Consigned in death to canyons where ‘twas hurled
And murdered by the vile Obamacare

All Aboard

There have been some great trains in the past, The Broadway Limited, The Orange Blossom Special, The City of New Orleans to name but a few, but the clickety clack rickety rack The Obamacare Special that Obama put on the tracks is not one of them. Obama yelled, “ALL ABOARD!” and everybody got off. Or more accurately, Obama hijacked the world’s finest medical train and everybody got thrown off.

It’s coming down the street, run tell yo momma
The Orange Blossom Special it is not
It’s just an old fish cart pushed by Obama
Whose fish at last is seen by all to rot
For five long years we’ve watched this wreck unfolding
And now it’s come to pass the fish is dead
The carcass in his hands Obama’s holding
Is stinking, and like him, rots from the head

The Big Lie

Obamacare has been one big lie from the start. It was never designed to provide quality affordable health care, it was designed to extend the power of the radical left wing Marxist government we now have. And because it was a lie from the start, President Obama is compelled to lie constantly. He said repeatedly that if you liked your current insurance you could keep it. That was a lie. You can’t keep it. You can’t keep your doctor either, even though Obama has repeatedly insisted that you can. Obama believes that if he tells the same lie over and over we will believe it. And maybe he’s right. After all, he was reelected by people who will believe anything.

The fashioning of small deceits
Requires only small conceits
And if successful then one tries
To get away with bigger lies
As one succeeds and doing well
Then on to larger lies to tell
Until the liar then believes
And is himself that he deceives
By then of course it’s much too late
The lies by now have sealed our fate
We’re left with but a vacant stare
To celebrate Obamacare

The British Way Of Death

A Scottish doctor has called for the establishment of panels to decide who lives and who dies. Of course, he didn’t call it that. The proposal was couched in the familiar lefty terms of compassion with a whiff of economic efficiency thrown in. How will English death panels differ from Obamacare death panels? Well, for one thing, the soothing accent is different.



Efficiency and savings are all that we crave

Which is why we suggest you die now

And of course we will speed you to your waiting grave

With a courteous and courtly bow

Just lie down be comfy and go with a smile

It’s over in just little time

A needle, a drop from this gay colored vial

Just remember you’re not in your prime

And what is more sir please remember that you

Are not working and live on the dole

So needless to say you’re the head of the queue

Putting Exchequer quite in the hole

We really don’t like offing gents of your age

But it’s for your own good don’t you know

The road that you’re taking is now all the rage

Now let’s give them a jolly good show


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Death Panels, Alive And Well

Peter Orszag, Obama’s Director of Management and Budget, swore up and down and crossed his heart during the debate on the so-called health care reform bill that there was no such thing as death panels in the bill, and now, after the bill is law, says that on second look, why sonofagun, imagine that, death panels. Who’d a thunk it? There will be committees of bureaucratic government employee “experts” (read government employee union members) who will sit in judgment, and who will decide whether you live or die, who will decide whether you get that operation or no. See how it works? No agonizing decisions on your part, just a cut and dried economic decision by the death panel: are you too old or too young or too sick? Must use the money wisely, you know, on people who will be productive after the operation. And we all know who those productive people will be. Government workers have friends and families too, you know. Telling us lies, what a surprise.  



Death panels live

So sayeth Orszag

But with that we give

A cheery toe tag

A nice little note

From Obie and Nance

With this little quote

“You haven’t a chance.”



The Sweet Sound Of Boots

The Left has shown its fascist face for all to see. They care deeply about certain things, but they care about power most of all. Power to control our lives, power to tell us what to do and when to do it, power to decide that giving Viagra to everyone, even sex offenders, is the essence of humanitarian care-giving. They care not that the bill that is now law will bankrupt the country unless somehow checked, either by the courts or by the elections in November. If they can force you to buy insurance under penalty of law, if the IRS can deduct the price of insurance you do not want from your paycheck, or fine you for non-compliance, why cannot they force you to buy a Government Motors car? And what color shirts will Obama’s internal armed force wear, green or brown? When you hear the boots on the pavement it will be too late. A liberal commenter sent me the following message:



It doesn’t make much sense to me

Why knuckledraggers cannot see

That sex offenders are just people too

A little pill just once a day

A tortured child the price we pay

Preserving liberty for me and you

You right wing guys give me a pain

All hail Barack, long may he reign

He’s what this country needs and what it’s got

Next on the docket cap and trade

And let us call a spade a spade

Michelle is gorgeous too and just damn hot

In closing let me say Barack

Is taking our great country back

Back to its great beginnings and its roots

Soon you’ll see us marching proud

Horst Wessel Lied so clear and loud

The pavements ringing with the sound of boots



The Long, Slppery Road

It is now more than 24 hours since the Dems passed Obamacare late Sunday night, and I am still sick unto my stomach. We had too close a glimpse at the sausage making. Deals and threats, threats and deals. I tell myself it isn’t over, I tell myself there is still a chance to stay the country from going down the road to serfdom, to borrow a phrase, to stay the country from going down that long, slippery socialist road that leads to the long sleep of national death. It took Rome a long time to die; our death will be cleaner, for the barbarians are not at the gates, they are ruling the country. But I do not despair. To borrow another phrase, God looks after drunks, fools and the United States of America. I believe we will come through this, changed, possibly, in some ways, but not fundamentally changed, as is so ardently wished by our leftist rulers. Maybe the pundits are right, maybe the Democrats will be severely punished in November. I hope so, but November is a long way off, and much can and will happen. I comfort myself by believing the left has just had its Austerlitz, and Waterloo is looming, and they will go the way of another American political party, the long gone and mostly forgotten Whigs.



Nothing could be vainer

Than the plea by Mr. Boehner

To get the Dems to thinking

‘Bout a bill that was so stinking

That most people did reject it

But his plea, as was expected

Was rebuffed by those who heard it

And they voted as if herded

By Pelosi dressed in fancy

Clothing made for just our Nancy

Made it clear that any member

Who votes no will long remember

What it’s like to cross the party

So with cheers both loud and hearty

The Dems just destroyed the nation

Disregarding the oration

By distinguished Mr. Boehner

Their disdain could not be plainer

But the battle isn’t over

For the moment they’re in clover

But November will be here soon

They’ll be sitting in the rear soon

For no matter how they salve it

Angered people will not have it

Yes right now they’re quite the fed pigs

Pretty soon they’ll be the dead Whigs



The Wooing Of Suzanne Kosmas

With the critical health care vote in the House on Sunday, the President is pulling out all the stops, witness his wooing of reluctant Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, (D-FL), who is rightly concerned that unemployment in her district is over 10% and rising because Obama has tossed NASA into the dumpster. Will it be enough? We’ll see. My guess it will pass, or have been deemed to have passed, even if the Dems have to turn out the lights.



Mr. President, I do declare

I’d love to vote for your health care

But policy is raising hob

My people’ve lost their NASA job

I feel your pain, Suzanne my dear

But really, you have naught to fear

I know I’m closing NASA down

You sure are pretty when you frown

Now here we are at Air Force One

See how she sparkles in the sun

So come, my dear, and climb right in

We’ll take her for a little spin

That’s right, get comfy in your seat

Now here’s some slippers for your feet

A snack, some food, a little drink?

Ah then where was I, let me think

Ah yes, the coming health care vote

You know we’re in the self same boat

We sink or swim together, dear

We battle stormy weather here

But with your help we’ll pull it through

I know that I can count on you

My private cabin has a lock

When the door’s closed no one will knock

These seats you know go fully back

You think you’re really in the sack

Here let me pull the curtain down

You sure are pretty when you frown



Mein Fuhrer

Senator Blanche Lincoln, (D-AR), is in deep trouble at home due to her vote on Obamacare, and desperately wants to keep her job. And so she politely asked President Obama to move to the center to avoid a disaster for the Democrats in November. The president coldly told her no, that he was pressing ahead with his healthcare agenda, because if he didn’t there would be nothing to differentiate between his administration and those that had gone before. Senator Lincoln left the Oval Office a sadder but not much wiser woman.



Mein Fuhrer, poor Blanche Lincoln cried

I do not like to shout

But I can’t leave without I’ve tried

To make you turn about

Your policies are driving us

To ruin and defeat

You lefties are depriving us

Of any chance to beat

Opponents who will run on your

Large debts and broken promises

You’ve turned our solid base in four

Short months to doubting Thomases

Obama slowly paced the floor

Not looking at Ms Lincoln

Then silently he closed the door

And said, with cool eyes blinkin’

It matters not that others lose

That’s not what I’m about

And call me Fuhrer if you choose

But please use an umlaut