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Hussein Imperator

In less than two years President Obama has nationalized the automobile industry, the banking industry, distributed hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to his union constituencies, overridden the Constitutional provision of Congressional approval of Cabinet appointments by appointing more than three dozen non-confirmed czars to oversee the Executive department, plus trillion dollar stimulus bills and bailouts causing trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and has nationalized the best health care system the world has ever seen. Last year the House passed President Obama’s national security force youth bill, heeding candidate Obama’s call for a youth group of millions of volunteers, to be equipped, in the president’s words, as well as the military. From Acorn to mighty oaks. The Obama Jugend has not yet taken to the streets because Obama has yet to decide on the color green or brown for the uniforms. In any other country, and at any other time, this would be called fascism, a charismatic autocrat with a rubberstamp parliament. But the mid-terms will be here in three months, and with them the loss of Obama’s overwhelming majority, and thus his power to destroy the country. Will Obama permit this to happen? Will we see, in the next month or two, a hastily called press conference with Robert Gibbs emotionally reading an address to the people of the United States from President For Life Barack Hussein Obama? Will we see Mr. Gibbs cry with unbound joy as the Washington press corps rises as one in thunderous adulation? Will we hear the following words from Mr. Gibbs?  



My fellow Americans, I bring you tidings of greatest joy. Our beloved president, Barack Hussein Obama, has proclaimed the following words shall be read and memorized throughout the land:


With whose eyes shall we see the world

There are those who will see the world hollow

With whose mind do we see fellow man

There are those who will tempt us to follow

They will smile and attempt to arrange

Your thoughts and your life and your time

By promising comfortable change

And it won’t cost you one single dime

Oh they know how to work it so well

They know every button to push

But know that the road leads to hell

I speak of that road built by Bush

We’re now in a crisis, they’ll shout

Obama is moving too fast

Only we know what it’s all about

The One’s promises surely won’t last

Yes, that’s how they speak ill of us

But we’ll save you in spite of your fears

Just know that we’re driving the bus

And we’ll be at the wheel many years

We’re creating a new nation here

A nation we’re all proud to serve

A nation we all hold so dear

That we tingle the end of each nerve

Which is why we’ve decided on this

That elections are truly passé

Now the robe of your Caesar you’ll kiss

Though we’ll still have an election day

While you won’t vote you won’t really care

It’s the symbol that really does count

With these purple hemmed togas I wear

I’ll look swell sitting here on the mount



The First Tuesday After The First Monday Blues

Various liberal propaganda organs, like the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, have recently and rather decorously questioned some of the things their hero has done and not done that he has promised to do and not do. There is a small stir in the left-wing blogosphere, where usually tight-lipped ranters are delicately asking if the Messiah has not in fact quite lived up to their expectations. He has not, for instance, to this point surrendered the United States to its enemies as they fervently wish for, nor has his gutting of missile defense satisfied them. His promise to destroy the best health care system in the world looks to be in peril if the Repubs regain the House in November, and his giving of billions of taxpayer stimulus dollars to the unions to insulate them from the perils of the marketplace, while laudable from their point of view, has not as yet accomplished their goal of destroying the evil capitalist financial system that has made the United States the envy of the world, and indeed, the recently passed Financial bill, while a step in the right direction, does not accomplish it either. The acolytes are beginning to stir, however reluctantly. Are we seeing the beginning of a serious left-wing buyers remorse? Will November 2010 see the beginning of the end for the Left?    



Where does hope go when it’s gone

What is left when there’s no change

When will facts then finally dawn

On his fans that Obie’s strange

Lack of failure up to now

To enact his promises

Means that when he breaks a vow

There’re more doubting Thomases

What’s the difference between Bush

Who the liberals truly hate

And Obama’s Hindu Kush

Where’s the policy debate

Yes he’s done some things they crave

Like his stripping of defense

And his mighty union cave

And his acts ‘gainst common sense

Like his running up the debt

To a height not seen before

But they really do not get

Why he’s in that Afghan war

Oh he’s still the coolest guy

And the smartest one in town

But they’ll tell you on the sly

That he’s really let them down