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Heavy Sleeps The Crown

One by one they are going, and Saudi Arabia is next. No matter the president of the United States bowed down to the Saudi king, the days of the House of Saud are numbered.



Heavy heavy sleeps the crown

As protests grow intense

The blow may come from anywhere

They know not when or whence

The potentates have lived like kings

Entitlement their sense

The oil beneath the sand has made

Them rich beyond offense

But now their subjects feel the winds

Of change blow down the fence

That separates them from the kings

In silken Bedouin tents

Who dine on golden plates and who

Breathe only fine incense

And loll on satin sheets with dolls

Though some prefer young gents

And now it all turns into dust

In storms of violence

Yes heavy heavy sleeps the crown

That once owned presidents


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