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The Magic Lamp

Saudi Arabia has gotten so disgusted with the incompetent Obama that they recognize they can no longer depend on the United States to protect them, so they have bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Sources say the nukes are already built and just waiting for Saudi Arabia to give the word to ship them. This is but the first step in the nuking up of the Middle East in view of Iran’s determination to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel is already nuked up, and the rest will follow, the Gulf States, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey if they haven’t already quietly done so. Thanks to Obama, the non-proliferation treaty is effectively dead, and the most unstable region on the face of the Earth will soon have nuclear tipped missiles aimed at each other. Thanks, Barry.

Pakistan has rubbed the magic lamp
Releasing to the detriment of all
A djinn who is about to put his stamp
On every single fearsome fireball
The Saudis think they’re safe by nuking up
And truth to tell they very well may be
But very soon the runneth over cup
Will glaze the sands from Gulf to the Red Sea
The shoreline of the Med will wither, die
And states that once were there will be no more
The djinn now smiles for he knows by and bye
Are different words but tell just what’s in store

It Was Just A Neighborhood Dance

Saudi Arabia has declared that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb they will immediately buy off the shelf nukes from Pakistan, and willmake funds available to their Sunni neighbors to nuke up as well. The Saudis believe they can dance their way to safety once Iran has a nuke by nuking up the neighborhood. But what tune will the band be playing as King Abdullah, accepting a bow from President Obama, steps to the microphone and sings that old 40s standard, Oh, What It Seemed To Be.



It was just a neighborhood dance

That’s all that it was

But oh what it seemed to be

It was like a trip to the stars

To Venus and Mars

‘Cause Pakistan’s in love with me

It was just a wedding of nukes

That’s all that it was

But oh what it seemed to be

It was just some nukes at the door

From our friends in Lahore

All Pakistan’s in love with me

And when I touched them, darling

They were more than just some nukes to me

They were the answer, darling

To some folks who’ll steal my oil from me

I won’t name the people I mean

I’m not into that scene

But they know just who these are for

So if they risk the chance

I am ready to dance

‘Cause Pakistan’s in love with me



Youth Must Be Served

Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has died at age 86, and King Abdullah, 87 as of this writing, is in poor health, setting off speculation as to who will be the next (or last) King of Saudi Arabia. In line is the newly deceased Crown Prince’s brother, a youngster at 77. Saudi Arabia is a dark and secret place, but there are reports of rumblings that the Kingdom needs some younger blood.



In Saudi Arabia youth must be served

It’s time for the old ones to go

The line of succession once straight is now curved

And those who once quick are now slow

The difference right now ‘twixt the quick and the dead

Is measured in months and not years

So Long Live The King is not sung and instead

They whisper in case someone hears

That someone much younger than those now in line

Would answer if given the call

A comely and handsome young man would be fine

Though a camel would be best of all


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When The Oil Money Stops

I ran into a Saudi prince I know in Wal-Mart the other day, and asked him what he was going to do when the Democrats lose the power to keep us from becoming the number one oil and gas producer in the world again. He smiled and said that that would be the end of Saudi Arabia and the entire oil producing Middle East, but seemed quite unconcerned.



We’ve got our stash, he said and smiled

Investments, bank accounts

The Democrats have seen to it

That we made large amounts

Of money selling oil to you

And others by the way

And with that money then we bought

The stuff we own today

Big buildings in New York we own

Large parts of Europe too

Swiss banks are bulging at the seams

With cash we got from you

Of course we know this will someday

Come to a screeching halt

But we’ll survive, we royals will

Because we own the vault

The people though, I said concerned

Will then be quite bereft

Of work and funds and then they’ll fight

Each other for what’s left

The Middle East will then return

To camel caravans

And people living hand to mouth

Upon the burning sands

Oh them, he shrugged, and turned to go

It’s Allah’s will, perchance

We royals though will wish them well

From villas in south France


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Heavy Sleeps The Crown

One by one they are going, and Saudi Arabia is next. No matter the president of the United States bowed down to the Saudi king, the days of the House of Saud are numbered.



Heavy heavy sleeps the crown

As protests grow intense

The blow may come from anywhere

They know not when or whence

The potentates have lived like kings

Entitlement their sense

The oil beneath the sand has made

Them rich beyond offense

But now their subjects feel the winds

Of change blow down the fence

That separates them from the kings

In silken Bedouin tents

Who dine on golden plates and who

Breathe only fine incense

And loll on satin sheets with dolls

Though some prefer young gents

And now it all turns into dust

In storms of violence

Yes heavy heavy sleeps the crown

That once owned presidents


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Flyover Country

Saudi Arabia has recently given the okay for Israeli planes to fly over Saudi airspace to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities at Natanz and elsewhere. For the Saudis, this is a no-brainer. It is difficult for us, living in what we think of as a secular age, to believe people of differing religions cannot all get along, but such is the case. The Saudis are Sunni Muslim, and the Iranians are Shi’ite Muslims, and they do not particularly like each other. The Saudis, and all the Sunni Arab states, know that if the Shi’ite Persians get the bomb, the Persian Shi’ites rule the Middle East, which up to now has been a Sunni province. And since the Israelis are the only ones capable of stopping the Persians from getting nuclear weapons, the Saudis are perfectly willing to let the Israelis take care of it for them.  



The Saudis say

That on the day

Israelis strike Iran

They might say hey

Or by the way

But never warn Teheran

The Saudis know

That when winds blow

From Persia to the west

It’s time to show

The Persian foe

Israeli planes are best

The Saudis think

That if they blink

A Persian nuke will land

And thereby sink

The Saudi kink

And all his merry band

So they’re content

To sit their tent

And watch Israelis fly

With their consent

To kill the gent

Who said the Jews must die