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It’s Not Our Fault

Why is Egypt a third world country? Why is the entire Arab world so backward it could not, without outside help, pour a concrete patio? Why has nothing of any value, except for the oil sitting beneath its sand, ever come out of the Arab world? An Egyptian friend explained how it was all someone else’s fault.



My friend said, Walt

It’s not our fault

The fault is Alexander’s

He stole our land

And gave us sand

And camel trail meanders

Then Cleo ran

That Caesar man

And after that came Nappy

But Brits said Hey

That ain’t no way

To make those Wogs all happy

Then Rommel came

And played his game

Till he ran out of panzers

And had to run

Chased by a ton

Of Kingi Georgi’s lanzers

From pyramid

To great El Cid

This was a land of greatness

A Pharaoh’s smile

A houri’s guile

But now the hour’s lateness

Compels us all

To heed the call

For throwing out Mubarak

And that is why

I simply sigh

And wish it were you Barack



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A Meeting At State

Hillary Clinton called our Ambassadors from all over the world to Washington to discuss the Egyptian crisis. The meeting, held Tuesday at the State Department, began with an opening statement by the Secretary of State, reminding the assembled glitterati of the seriousness of the situation.



Hillary speaks: A crisis is upon us while

We’re sitting here discussing

What’s happening along the Nile

Please Susan stop your fussing

As I was saying things look tight

Mubarak may be leaving

No Susan you don’t look a fright

What, John, you’ll not be grieving?

I’ve heard friends in Court of Saint James

Are standing with us, yes Fred

They share our goals and share our aims

Was that ‘rubbish’ you just said?

And please stop passing little notes

No longer we’re in high school

And making little paper boats

Is not what thinkest I cool

But please I beg you, do attend

We have our work to tend to

Please Harry I will not offend

But hold your mail to send to

Ambassador, it gives me pain

To have to say to you now

Just please put up that aeroplane

Or I shall have a moo cow

The yoots want Mubarak away

With riot mobs as we speak

So think of what we’ve said this day

And meet again here next week


My novels on Amazon, paperback and Kindle, can be found HERE