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Foggy Bottom

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is maneuvering to make the State Department the top dog in the Obama administration, replacing the Department of Defense in all things related to foreign policy. If she is successful, and she already has the willing acceptance of Obama and Valerie Jarrett, then no longer will the foreign policy of the United States be guided in any part by the strategic military interests of the United States. Foggy Bottom will have full and final say, and we know where that will lead. The State Department is full of career Arabists, who hate Israel and side with the Palestinians. And of course State believes that giving money to our enemies will make them love us.



Obama says when things be boggy

He hands it off to those at Foggy

And when he’s by the gonads got ‘em

That’s when he calls in those at Bottom

The problem is those Foggy people

Think piling money in a heap’ll

Cure the ills of those who hate us

And make them want to kiss and date us


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A Meeting At State

Hillary Clinton called our Ambassadors from all over the world to Washington to discuss the Egyptian crisis. The meeting, held Tuesday at the State Department, began with an opening statement by the Secretary of State, reminding the assembled glitterati of the seriousness of the situation.



Hillary speaks: A crisis is upon us while

We’re sitting here discussing

What’s happening along the Nile

Please Susan stop your fussing

As I was saying things look tight

Mubarak may be leaving

No Susan you don’t look a fright

What, John, you’ll not be grieving?

I’ve heard friends in Court of Saint James

Are standing with us, yes Fred

They share our goals and share our aims

Was that ‘rubbish’ you just said?

And please stop passing little notes

No longer we’re in high school

And making little paper boats

Is not what thinkest I cool

But please I beg you, do attend

We have our work to tend to

Please Harry I will not offend

But hold your mail to send to

Ambassador, it gives me pain

To have to say to you now

Just please put up that aeroplane

Or I shall have a moo cow

The yoots want Mubarak away

With riot mobs as we speak

So think of what we’ve said this day

And meet again here next week


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My Goodness Me

The government of Pakistan, a Pakistan that created and controls the Taliban, is incensed that we are sending drones into Paki airspace to dispose of the Taliban we are lucky enough to find, all the while professing to be our friend and happily accepting our money. The Paki government has recently closed the route through Pakistan for our supply columns, and the columns have come under attack by Taliban forces, whom the Paki government insists are not in Pakistan. Our State Department and the UN and assorted EU weenies deplore the drone attacks as counter-productive and reckless, preferring the age old failed policy of talking nicely to someone who is trying to kill you.



My goodness me, I feel so faint

These cold war types would like to paint

The Pakistani folk as not our friends

Believe me when I say that I

Could sit right down and softly cry

When thinking how this crisis likely ends

We send our drones into their space

With no regard for Paki face

What sovereign nation wouldn’t take offense

Such actions on our part I fear

Will hinder peace that’s very near

And cause relations that grow very tense

What we at State would like to see

Is just a change of policy

From warring, bombing, killing and the rest

To talking calmly with the tribes

And taking note of nuanced vibes

While recognizing we at State know best

Of course there’s danger in this tack

We’re not assured they’ll love us back

But I am quite prepared to bet my life

But just in case push comes to shove

I know that I will come to love

The burqa and the veil I bought my wife