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M Is For…

Scott Brown has won the Massachusetts Senate seat by a landslide. The liberal voters of Massachusetts, who voted for Obama 68% to 32% in 2008, have just totally rejected the policies of the man they voted for just one year ago. In spite of this, our Narcissist in Chief vows to double down and force the hated health care bill through the Congress. There are those who look at the year long actions of our president and conclude he is not only a narcissist, but oedipal as well, and believes the United States, which he hates, is his mother, and Muslim black Africa, which he loves, is his father. The country’s in the very best of hands.



M is for the Martha they weren’t buying

O is for our Oedipal president

T is for the Tears the Dems are crying

H is for the Hurt they could not prevent

E is for the Elephant Scott rode on

R is for the Ruin of Dem plans

Put them all together they spell Mother

A half-word Oedipal prez full understands