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The Hermit Kingdom

North Korea continues to rattle sabers and tin cups. Various estimates have it that the Norks have at least 6 to 8 nuclear weapons. If true, then the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is dead, because the United States is not going to reopen the Korean war to remove those weapons, particularly since the NPT has been dead for some time. Just ask Pakistan, India, China and Iran, not to mention other nations with secret development plans and ambitions. What the death of the NPT means is that Japan and Australia, for starters, will go nuke, Japan within 6 weeks of making the decision, trusting no longer in the American umbrella. In the Middle East Saudi Arabia will nuke up, and Israel already is. In the meantime, United States foreign policy is in the hands of Hillary and Hussein, neither one of whom can or won’t do anything about the coming calamity. It is all a Kabuki dance with them, and one day the music will stop.



The Hermit Kingdom in the sun

Would be Japan if Japs had won

But Russkies came and sawed in half

Now North is poor while fatted calf

Now lives in South where people quake

For fear the northern half will take

All that they’ve worked for all these years

But Hildebeast has quelled those fears

A stiffly worded note from us

Has made the North back off and thus

Will peace reign once again on earth

And questions like will Jayson Werth

Return to Phils with handsome yield

If not then who will play right field

Will once again come to the fore

As B Hussein annuls all war

Burma Shave