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Kim Jong Un

Many years ago Rudyard Kipling wrote a story about a boy named Kim, who wandered the vast and lovely land of India, observing, through Kipling’s eyes, the wonders of the country. The Kims of North Korea bear no resemblance to the boy of Kipling’s story. The North Korean Kims are a monstrous family, running the country as their private satrapy, enriching themselves in money and power at the expense of their impoverished countrymen. And now the third member of the Kim family has taken over the country on the demise of his father, as his father had taken over on the demise of the founding father, Kim Il Sung.  Kim Jong Un has some rather large murderous shoes to fill, but he seems determined to fill them, though the North Korean military may have something to say about the accession of a soft young boy to the heady throne of a murderous dictatorship.



Compared to his grandfather

This new Kim is but a stripling

A pudgy, girlish, dovish boy

Who’d have appalled R. Kipling

Yet who’s to say he won’t survive

Committing crimes so graphic

That none will dare to call him swish

Nor dare to call him Sapphic


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Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il died a few weeks ago, and good riddance. He lived the palatial life of the sybarite, an unending supply of pretty young women, a mountain of exquisite food, a river of top drawer wine and Scotch whiskey, all while the people of North Korea starved to death. He lavished all the country’s money on himself and his military, sold nukes to anyone who would pay, and sent his agents to assassinate his enemies. He was not a nice man, and I will not mourn his passing.



De mortuis nil nisi bonum

In this case cannot apply

For the imps of Hell now own him

And his death won’t make me cry


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The Chosin Few

Today is the anniversary of the day my friend Bud Seeburger won the Navy Cross for Valor. In the cruel North Korean winter of 1950, 1st lieutenant Edward Seeburger, USMC, the sole surviving officer of his Company, led the remains of his company south from the Chosin Reservoir, his few Marines the point for a convoy of 400 or so wounded Marines. On the road they came under fire from the surrounding hills. Chinese had come down the backside of the hills and taken up positions overlooking the road, a deadly trap for the convoy of wounded. Bud took his men into the hills and threw the Chinese back, becoming wounded in the process. The Chinese cleared, the convoy of wounded proceeded to the evacuation ships. Bud Seeburger, to his surprise, got the Navy Cross for his heroic action that day in saving the lives of 400 wounded Marines.


The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to First Lieutenant Edward H. Seeburger (MCSN: 0-43049), United States Marine Corps (Reserve), for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy of the United Nations while serving as Unit Commander of the Dog Company Unit, Provisional Dog-Easy Company, Composite Battalion, Seventh Marines, FIRST Marine Division (Reinforced), in action against enemy aggressor forces in the Republic of Korea on 2 December 1950. First Lieutenant Seeburger was ordered to lead the attack of the combined Regimental Combat Teams FIVE and SEVEN in the breakout from Yudam-ni south to Hagaru. Soon after jumping off along the Main Supply Route with a single tank in the lead together with the remnants of about 20 men, he came under intense enemy fire from small arms, automatic weapons, rockets, and mortars from enemy forces deeply entrenched over commanding ground to the front and both flanks. First Lieutenant Seeburger began deploying his men in defilade on either side of the road. When he spotted many of the enemy on the high ground on the right flank, he contacted the tank commander through the integral phone on the back of the tank and directed their fire to silence the enemy there. As he was doing this, enemy fire severed the telephone connection and wounded him in the knee. At the same time, with well-entrenched machine guns defending a roadblock to the front, and with his ranks depleted by eight further casualties and he himself painfully wounded and unable to walk, he staunchly refused evacuation, and directed his men in an enfilade movement which wiped out the obstruction and enabled the entire column to move forward. By his great personal valor and dauntless perseverance in the face of almost certain death, First Lieutenant Seeburger saved the lives of many Marines; thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.


Today US forces in Afghanistan are increasingly isolated by a hostile Pakistan, who have shut down the supply routes into Afghanistan, and by the Russians playing hardball with the route through Russia for non-lethal material. How long will it be before the Pakistani military, who are on the side of the Taliban, and who fire on our guys and planes whenever they can, decide to attack our forces in strength. Will we level Pakistan or will we pull a Dunkirk and retreat to the sea somehow? Obama put our guys in a place no military man would have put them, deep in enemy territory, with no way out. How many Navy Crosses will be awarded when we have to pull out of Afghanistan under fire?


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The 38th Parallel, Again

South Korea has defied the Russians, the Chinese and the North Koreans, and will begin a planned artillery exercise today despite the warning from North Korea that doing so constitutes a casus belli, and will respond with overwhelming force if the artillery shoot goes forward. The North says if the war starts, it will go nuclear. We shall see. The North Koreans have threatened to incinerate Seoul, and one day they just might do it. They threaten to sink American warships in the Yellow Sea, and one day just might do it. The North Korean leadership is crazy, everyone says, though they seem to be doing all right. Every time they threaten us we hurry them to the negotiating table where we threaten them with dire consequences if they don’t accept our money, our food and our oil. Sure sounds crazy to me. And if they ever carry out their threats to turn Seoul into a radioactive parking lot, what will our response be? Well, if they do it while Obama is in power the answer is – nothing.



When North Korea bombards Seoul

Obama’s guys will take a poll

To see if we should act or sing and dance

We must not act just out of fear

But wait until the facts are clear

We must of course leave nothing up to chance

Our allies spread throughout the world

Don’t want their banners yet unfurled

Too early still to know what’s going on

It’s better that we just hold back

To see if it’s just one attack

Or just the king-four move of lonely pawn

Our lone response from Sec of State

Will show the Norks we are irate

That they would start to shoot in midst of talks

We know that Kim’s a peaceful man

Who’s doing all that one man can

To hold in check his country’s youthful hawks

And so we offer Kim a bribe

Such things as we will not describe

But first among them cash and oil and food

We must do nothing to inflame

Or cause our foes at home to blame

Us for our country’s ugly sour mood



The Hermit Kingdom

North Korea continues to rattle sabers and tin cups. Various estimates have it that the Norks have at least 6 to 8 nuclear weapons. If true, then the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is dead, because the United States is not going to reopen the Korean war to remove those weapons, particularly since the NPT has been dead for some time. Just ask Pakistan, India, China and Iran, not to mention other nations with secret development plans and ambitions. What the death of the NPT means is that Japan and Australia, for starters, will go nuke, Japan within 6 weeks of making the decision, trusting no longer in the American umbrella. In the Middle East Saudi Arabia will nuke up, and Israel already is. In the meantime, United States foreign policy is in the hands of Hillary and Hussein, neither one of whom can or won’t do anything about the coming calamity. It is all a Kabuki dance with them, and one day the music will stop.



The Hermit Kingdom in the sun

Would be Japan if Japs had won

But Russkies came and sawed in half

Now North is poor while fatted calf

Now lives in South where people quake

For fear the northern half will take

All that they’ve worked for all these years

But Hildebeast has quelled those fears

A stiffly worded note from us

Has made the North back off and thus

Will peace reign once again on earth

And questions like will Jayson Werth

Return to Phils with handsome yield

If not then who will play right field

Will once again come to the fore

As B Hussein annuls all war

Burma Shave




North Korea has announced it will weaponize its plutonium, is preparing for another nuke test, fires off rockets designed to reach the US, and warned that it would consider it an act of war if any of its ships were stopped for inspection, all while the United States looks on impassively. In January 1968, an unarmed US Navy ship, the USS Pueblo, was seized in international waters off North Korea by the North Korean navy. In the attack, one US sailor was killed, and the remaining 82 crewmembers taken hostage. In North Korean jails the crew was beaten and tortured until they confessed to espionage. Eleven months later the United States government apologized to North Korea and the crew was released. One day there will be another Pueblo, only this time it won’t be a ship that’s held hostage, it will be us. North Korea has hundreds of high caliber artillery tubes within striking distance of Seoul, with hundreds more short and medium range missiles capable of reaching every part of South Korea, including our bases in the south. What’s more, this artillery can deliver chemical weapons. Should the mercurial Kim decide to move, some two hundred thousand Koreans will be killed in the first twenty-four hours, most of them in Seoul, and many hundreds of our soldiers. What will we do if he says pay up or Seoul goes up in flames? And if you think that’s bad, just wait till he marries his nukes with missiles capable of reaching the West Coast.



Some say all right, just nuke them now

While others say let’s wait

They’ll change if we just scrape and bow

And things will be just great

Others say you’re both wrong, still

It really doesn’t matter

For what we know of Kim Jong Il

We’ll soon be all the sadder

For one fine day he’ll smile and say

You think we’ve all been playing?

It’s time to ante up and pay

There is no more delaying

I’ve got the nukes and missiles too

I’m not afraid to use them

LA, Spokane to name a few

Can you afford to lose them?

You could’ve stopped me long ago

But dithered and played my game

You had the guns but did not show

The guts and much to your shame

And so I offer you a way

To stop the nukes from flying

And save Spokane and then LA

From instant death from frying

And on that day you’ll cringe in fright

And cry out for your momma

As missile trails streak through the night

From Nome to Yokahama