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At Daggers Drawn

The Belmont Club has an interesting post about the new Woodward book on the Obama administration, the premise of which is that Woodward begins his interviews at the bottom of the ladder, talking to people who see the opportunity to get their names in print, and so tell him things they think will get them that brief moment of fame. Woodward then interviews people at the next level up, indicating he knows a lot more than he’s telling, and the people at that level then believe the people at a lower level have told Woodward things that might be damaging to them, and so are at pains to disavow or dispute statements that were never made. And so it goes, everyone assuming those below have the knives out, making them afraid not to defend themselves. Woodward’s methods simply reflect the entire Washington mind set. Everyone is at daggers drawn.



At daggers drawn

In deepest night

We creep toward dawn

And fear the light

We have no friends

We share no trust

No means or ends

That mean we must

Work hand in hand

With colleagues who

Will just demand

We’re loyal to

The guy above

Whose shoes we shine

Who shows no love

And gives no sign

That loyal works

Both up and down

He’s got his perks

He owns this town

And when its time

To tell a lie

He drops a dime

On such as I

At daggers drawn

We walk the halls

Each just a pawn

When Woodward calls



The Galactic Order

The universe is not linear. Each galaxy in each universe has a black hole at its center, and that black hole encloses its own universe with billions upon billions of galaxies, each galaxy with a galactic black hole, each galactic black hole with its own universe within. And so on, for the universe is infinite, as infinite as the Clockmaker who made it. From time to time a black hole expands and swallows its galaxy, while at the same time the universe within the expanding black hole is also expanding, meaning that an expanding universe is in the process of destroying someone else’s galaxy. Over the past seventy years or more the radical left wing of the Democratic party has replicated this infinite universe, creating black holes within black holes, entitlements within entitlements, partisan enclaves within partisan enclaves, always expanding, always destroying, all in the name of ideology and power. And when it can expand no further, like all bubbles it will burst. And when it bursts we will be swallowed by the black hole, with all we and our ancestors have lived and died for, our hopes and dreams for our children swept into the maw, leaving fiery trails in the night sky like a raging borealis.



Each galaxy has at its center

A thing where if you dare to enter

You can’t get out no matter what you do

A universe has umpteen billion

Black holes that are riding pillion

And each black hole has universes too

Those universes in their turn

Have black holes as we all shall learn

Ad infinitum is the word we seek

And this is what we have today

Black holes in which we throw our pay

To be doled out to those who’re in the clique

A universe without an end

A bureaucrat ‘round every bend

The lefties run a universe gone mad

A black hole formed for every group

There’s no guard on the chicken coop

And everyone just shrugs and says too bad

That universe will end one day

For entropy will have its way

And when it’s gone we know who’ll pay the bills

Till then our socialistic state

Will carry on till it’s too late

In meantime it’s a rifle and the hills