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Slip Slidin’ Away

Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index polling numbers show President Obama losing steadily among voters. The Rasmussen survey uses a plus/minus number derived by establishing the percentage of voters who strongly approve of the president and the percentage of voters who strongly disapprove. The smaller number is subtracted from the larger number to give the poll result. On 11 July President Obama had a minus 7 poll rating, that is, 7 percent more voters strongly disapproved than strongly approved. The decline in approval has been fast and precipitous. On 10 June Obama had an approval rating of plus 9, meaning 9 percent more voters strongly approved than strongly disapproved. In the past month Obama has lost 16 points in the Rasmussen approval rating. Some years ago Johnny Cash sang a song about the crick rising up around the cabin. The lyric went How high’s the water, mama? It’s five feet high and risin’. If you look at the poll results as Johnny Cash would have looked at them, Obama is not falling, the water is rising.



How high’s the water, Obama

It’s five feet high and risin’

How wide’s the water, Obama

From here to the horizon

Whatcha gonna do, Obama

Make the water stop risin’

How you gonna do that, Obama

By something real surprisin’

Surprising how, Obama

By stopping all surmisin’

You mean them polls, Obama

Their meaning we disguisin’

Rasmussen truth, Obama

The man just feeding pizen

It don’t look good, Obama

Your panic I’m despisin’

How high’s the water, Obama

It’s nine feet deep and risin’