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Your Lyin’ Eyes

The Iranian deal our brilliant president signed with Iran, a deal he trumpeted as a good first step toward Iran forsaking nuclear weapons, seems to be dissolving as we speak. Obama has lifted the economic sanctions, raising cheers in the streets of Teheran, while t he Ayatollahs smile and insist they will keep on enriching uranium. Iran got what it wanted, the sanctions lifted and a full speed ahead signal from Obama to obtaining nuclear weapons, and Obama got what he wanted as well, a short respite from the constant stories about the disaster of Obamacare. Ronald Reagan famously said, ‘Trust but verify!’ Obama says trust me, we don’t need no stinkin’ verify. Obama is not about the United States, Obama is about Obama.

Some say that in Barack we trust
While others say confirm we must
Yet others scoff it’s all a pack of lies
Iran has got just what it wants
They fooled again Barack the dunce
They’ve just advanced the time Israel dies
Well not so fast supporters say
The president has saved the day
The peace that we all seek will be the prize
And all the while Obama preens
He’s master of the ends and means
Believe him and don’t trust your lyin’ eyes

Nursery Rhyme

What a mess. Obamacare has everyone turning against him, even the lapdog press, and so, to distract the low information voters, Obama tears up ten years of work by canceling sanctions on Iran just as they were beginning to hurt. What a man. I chanced to overhear a couple of six year old neighbor girls reciting nursery rhymes while playing hopscotch. My favorite was Mary Had A Little Lamb. The girls sang

Barry had a little lamb
Who cried and said goodbye
For everywhere that Barry went
The lamb was sure to die

Funny how even six year olds can see what’s happening. Unfortunately the girls were called in to lunch so I never got to hear what they thought of Hillary.