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Your Lyin’ Eyes

The Iranian deal our brilliant president signed with Iran, a deal he trumpeted as a good first step toward Iran forsaking nuclear weapons, seems to be dissolving as we speak. Obama has lifted the economic sanctions, raising cheers in the streets of Teheran, while t he Ayatollahs smile and insist they will keep on enriching uranium. Iran got what it wanted, the sanctions lifted and a full speed ahead signal from Obama to obtaining nuclear weapons, and Obama got what he wanted as well, a short respite from the constant stories about the disaster of Obamacare. Ronald Reagan famously said, ‘Trust but verify!’ Obama says trust me, we don’t need no stinkin’ verify. Obama is not about the United States, Obama is about Obama.

Some say that in Barack we trust
While others say confirm we must
Yet others scoff it’s all a pack of lies
Iran has got just what it wants
They fooled again Barack the dunce
They’ve just advanced the time Israel dies
Well not so fast supporters say
The president has saved the day
The peace that we all seek will be the prize
And all the while Obama preens
He’s master of the ends and means
Believe him and don’t trust your lyin’ eyes

It Was Just A Neighborhood Dance

Saudi Arabia has declared that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb they will immediately buy off the shelf nukes from Pakistan, and willmake funds available to their Sunni neighbors to nuke up as well. The Saudis believe they can dance their way to safety once Iran has a nuke by nuking up the neighborhood. But what tune will the band be playing as King Abdullah, accepting a bow from President Obama, steps to the microphone and sings that old 40s standard, Oh, What It Seemed To Be.



It was just a neighborhood dance

That’s all that it was

But oh what it seemed to be

It was like a trip to the stars

To Venus and Mars

‘Cause Pakistan’s in love with me

It was just a wedding of nukes

That’s all that it was

But oh what it seemed to be

It was just some nukes at the door

From our friends in Lahore

All Pakistan’s in love with me

And when I touched them, darling

They were more than just some nukes to me

They were the answer, darling

To some folks who’ll steal my oil from me

I won’t name the people I mean

I’m not into that scene

But they know just who these are for

So if they risk the chance

I am ready to dance

‘Cause Pakistan’s in love with me



Isfahan Or Wasfahan

Over the past several months a number of Iran’s top nuclear scientists have died unexpectedly, and a series of mysterious explosions has taken place in the vicinity of Iran’s nuclear weapons plants near Isfahan and other cities, all, no doubt, accidents and entirely coincidental.



In Isfahan they heard the blast

Echoes of the recent past

Pick any blast that you may choose

It’s certain they were caused by Jooos

The Mullahs seem to walk on eggs

They wobble on uncertain legs

The Jooos, those evil Satan spawn

Explode their bombs and then they’re gone

A message perhaps do you think

That says if you so much as blink

Some hydrogen will come your way

And it will surely spoil your day

So read this message, little man

Or Isfahan is Wasfahan


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The Dispensable Man

The Washington Post, that leftmost of newspapers, recently lamented that President Obama seems to be dithering with regard to Iran and its forcefully stated intention to build nuclear weapons and obliterate the Zionist entity. In the endeavor to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Obama is the indispensable man. He has turned out to be, however, quite dispensable, and when the mushroom clouds hang over the Middle East it will be because Obama thought the Mullahs were his friends and that sweet talking was a substitute for policy.



It will be said

That many dead

Accrue to our Obama

His weakness will

Increase the kill

And escalate the drama

By dithering

And blithering

Iran will soon be able

To light the fuse

That kills the Jews

While we sit at the table

Alone and shy

And wonder why

The mullahs just disdain us

They smile and smirk

And get to work

On nukes to entertain us

And then will come

Swift death for some

As Israel attacks her

And turns to sand

The Persian land

As O demands the facts sir

The DC Post

More left than most

Begins to see the light now

They see at last

The die is cast

It seems they’ve got it right now


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Blood And Oil

United Nations inspectors now concede Iran has enough nuclear material for two bombs, and that means they likely have enough for six, with more on the way. In a very few months Iran will test a bomb and announce themselves a Nuclear Power, the announcement coinciding with the withdrawal of all United States forces from Iraq and the abandonment of the Gulf by the Obama administration to the tender mercies of the Iranian mullahs who have sworn to kill every Jew in Israel as soon as they are able to do so. So what happens when the Iranian bomb arrives? The Sunni Gulf states will have to arm with nukes themselves or seek accommodation with the new king on the block. What will Israel do? Israel will not go quietly, and Iran will go before Israel goes. It does look good.



From the head of the Gulf

To the Straits of Hormuz

The ships ply their trade

Fearing the lighted fuse

As the Mullahs grow bold

And the Yanks pack and leave

The Sunnis fear now

There will be no reprieve

For the region at large

Waiting for the big hit

Now the question will be

Do we fight or submit





Iran will very soon have nuclear weapons, and the question is, who will be the first to get one, the Taliban or al Qaeda? My guess is the Taliban. Many years ago Harry Belafonte had a hit song called Day-o, the lyric of which went, “Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana.” The tallyman will now be counting out nukes, and not bananas.   



Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana

Is now Come Mr. Taliban let me show you this

Nice little thing we’ve got here’n Teherananana

For the right price we are sure you cannot miss

Think of the joy you will bring to Muslim masses

Think of the laughter the Arab street will find

Think of the tears as you kick those Yankee asses

Think of the fears you will raise in Kaffir’s mind

Don’t think of price for we know you can afford it

We know you’ve got resources out the old kazoo

Just sign your name here and then we can record it

Then after that you’ll just have to holler boo

Everyone knows that you never show no mercy

Everyone knows that you mean just what you say

One little bomb could take out all of New Jercy

Two little bombs and you own the USA

Come Mr. Taliban to Teherananana

Come Mr. Taliban cross my palm with gold

Come Mr. Taliban tally me banana

Soon everyone will be doing as he’s told




Man-made Birds

The Pakistani government has just poked a stick in President Obama’s eye. They have declared in contemptuous tones that they will not arrest, interrogate, interfere with, or disturb in any way the Afghan terrorist most wanted by the United States, one Jalaluddin Haqqani, head of the Haqqani Network. Haqqani has been responsible for the deaths of US soldiers, among many other terrorist acts. He walks around freely in Pakistan, where he is protected by the Pakistani government. At some point the United States may simply go into Pakistan and arrest or kill him, and if we do that it will initiate a crisis with the Pakistani government, who are not truly on our side. When, not if, Pakistan goes Taliban, there will be a crisis of epic proportions, joining the approaching crisis vis a vis Iran. Two crisis points – Iran and Pakistan, Pakistan now and Iran soon to be nuclear powers. How will these crises be resolved? In a few days there will be Christmas. Some two thousand years ago a light in the sky guided wise men from the East to a rude manger. One day wiser men than we may see another light in the sky, and perhaps they will follow it. But what will they find when they get there? A manger? Or a blackened cinder?



The Paki sky is dark with man-made birds

The night is deep the starlight weak and faint

The valley floors are hidden as the words

Of far off voices track the radar paint

At thirty thousand feet the UAV

Commanded from a half a world away

Banks slightly and as silent as the sea

Prepares to turn the night sky into day

Across the world at airdromes near the Med

Six pointed stars are reaching for the sky

In minutes now some millions will be dead

As Persian missiles hurl aloft to fly

The world has reached the point of no return

As hydrogen and science both combine

Producing star-like temperatures to burn

So bright that wiser men will see the sign

And follow that bright star to see a child

Once born and born again defying time

To save the worlds His creatures have defiled

And set for them His selfless paradigm

He knows some heed His words and some do not

He knows the joys and sorrows that will flow

As creatures He has made forget the plot

And think that they alone can run the show

And when they do the skies above grow dark

As man-made birds prowl everlasting night

Igniting fierce-flared fire from the spark

That one day shows some wiser men the light



Publius Cornelius Obamanus

The Iranians have just announced they intend to increase their uranium refinement capacity to the point where they will be capable of producing one nuclear bomb a day, and seem much amused at Barack Obama’s threat to really get tough this time. And Iran has just seized five British yachtsmen and will no doubt try them for espionage as they are trying the four American hikers who strayed into Iranian territory in the Kurdish mountains not so long ago. Barbarians threaten the very life of the West, and we tremble at the thought of resisting, fearing the dark, the unknown, creating a world where the crazies believe they can win, that the West will never fight, a timidity on our part that only invites a nuclear attack and the desolation the inevitable response will bring. Acting now to solve the problem of the savages acquiring nuclear weapons would save the world the nuclear holocaust that is surely coming, but we are impotent, bound hand and foot by constraints of our own making. Where is our Scipio Africanus? Where is our Cato? Cannot we delenda est these people? 



Publius Cornelius Obamanus

Sat thoughtful on his throne

For though the world seemed ominous

Stout legions he did own

The problem was he did not think

The law allowed he used them

The raving hordes would raise a stink

And claim that he’d abused them

Barbarians were at the gates

A’pounding at the portals

Hurling camel dung and dates

As well as sneers and chortles

With slings and arrows falling fast

Obamanus sat quiet

He knew the slings would never last

And nukes? They’d never try it

He played it cool until the day

The missiles started flyin’

And at which point he stood to say

I’m one damn mad Hawaiian

As mushroom clouds rose overhead

He finally launched his legions

And laid to waste with many dead

The allahfested regions

With sadness he did contemplate

The world and all its ruin

And knew the lawyers would not wait

To file the papers suin’

Him for the reckless use of force

Accused of going Roman

And so he sighed with great remorse

And stared into the gloamin’

That once held all the world he knew

Including his great nation

Where not a tree or flower grew

For all was desolation

Alone, berobed and laurel wreathed

He wandered through the White House

And knew the future he bequeathed

Was glowing like a lighthouse



The Fizz Is Gone

Neither Ahmadinejad nor Bibi Netanyahu pay the slightest attention to the President of the United States, demand or cajole as he will.  The North Koreans continue to detonate nukes and test missiles, the Iranians continue to build nukes, test missiles and threaten to destroy Israel, and Israel refuses to commit national suicide when asked nicely by President Obama to do so, even though the President continues to promise Bibi the famous Obama smile would be enough to deflect incoming. Verse-afire has recently come into possession of a private letter Ahmadinejad sent to President Obama, the text of which follows.



What’s that you say, you wish we’d stop?

Whatever do you mean?

You used to be the biggest cop

But now you’re truly seen

For what you are, a toothless boy

Come begging for to please

Your cringing manner brings us joy

And puts us at our ease

We’ve told you many times before

Our nukes are not for hold

We’ll go ahead and build our store

If we may be so bold

We know you try to do your best

To look so rough and tough

But we know you won’t pass the test

Big smiles just ain’t enough

But Bibi now’s, a different guy

He’s told you where to go

He knows what’s up, he isn’t shy

He’s gonna strike a blow

But we think we are ready for

Whatever Bibi does

We think that we can win this war

In partly just becuz

We know whose side that you are on

We know just where you stand

We know that you are no Sharon

We know you’ll lend no hand

To either side, that’s who you is

You’re just above all that

Where once US made soda fizz

Today the soda’s flat



The Iranian Card

Continuing our revelations of yesterday of President Obama’s ultimatum to the Iranian mullahs in their October 1st meeting, Verse-afire has received a copy of the notes taken by the Iranian interpreter, revealing what the president and the mullahs actually agreed to. From the president’s perspective, he had a win-win if he played his cards right. If he allowed the generals to continue the war in Afghanistan as they have proposed despite clamors from his left wing base to close it down, two things are possible, and both are politically helpful. If the war is won, he will get the credit, but if he closes down the war and there is another attack on the United States by Al Qaeda, then he will get the blame. So he must continue the war. The problem is, Afghanistan is landlocked, with the only land corridor to the fighting fronts through Taliban infested Pakistan. What Obama needs, if he is to dramatically increase troop strength, is safe and sure logistics, and that safe and sure route lies through Iran. What happened next was Realpolitick at its finest.



Obama said to the mullahs if you help me in the Stans

I will look the other way and let you formulate your plans

To rid the world and people of a certain you know who

Just be sure you don’t inform me so I won’t know what you do

The mullahs smiled and said sure Jack just tell us what you want

And O winked back and said he needed something he can flaunt

To show the public back at home he’s really on the stick

I’ve got to give them something big and this will do the trick

The guys I’ve got, the money men, he said with great disdain

Are causing polling numbers to go circling round the drain

So what I need is access to the Afghan seat of war

I need your ports, I need your roads, I need your help much more

Then I could state in simple terms because it’s so complex

And if you give me what I need I think we’ll clear the decks

For you to gain complete control of what you say is yours

And in the process make Israelis grovel on all fours

To grovel them is not our goal the mullahs winked and laughed

No doubt you think us crazy and no doubt you think us daft

But total ’nihilation is what this is all about

We don’t want them to holler and we don’t want them to shout

We want the sons of pigs and dogs in silent heaps to lay

So that is what we want and are you now prepared to pay

Done and done said O as he prepared to board his plane

I don’t know what you’re gonna do but if my numbers gain

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours and when I leave the room

I’ll know you’ve kept your bargain when I’ve heard that great big BOOM