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The Big Lie

Obamacare has been one big lie from the start. It was never designed to provide quality affordable health care, it was designed to extend the power of the radical left wing Marxist government we now have. And because it was a lie from the start, President Obama is compelled to lie constantly. He said repeatedly that if you liked your current insurance you could keep it. That was a lie. You can’t keep it. You can’t keep your doctor either, even though Obama has repeatedly insisted that you can. Obama believes that if he tells the same lie over and over we will believe it. And maybe he’s right. After all, he was reelected by people who will believe anything.

The fashioning of small deceits
Requires only small conceits
And if successful then one tries
To get away with bigger lies
As one succeeds and doing well
Then on to larger lies to tell
Until the liar then believes
And is himself that he deceives
By then of course it’s much too late
The lies by now have sealed our fate
We’re left with but a vacant stare
To celebrate Obamacare