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The Living Dead

Well, it’s Hallowe’en, and a perfect spot for a post about zombies. I refer, of course, to the zombies who vote for Omama. Obama will not be as easy to beat in 2012 as a lot of us would like to think. He still has the zombie vote, the living dead, people who don’t know and don’t care about anything except that their government check keeps coming. And that Obama will promise to do. I saw one of Obama’s zombies just the other evening, shambling along, stoop shouldered, eyes averted.



I saw him by the roadside ditch

At dusk before the stars came out

He spoke in some dark whisp’ring pitch

A silent scream, a stifled shout

I loved Him so, a muffled sob

So cool, so hip, so very grand

But now I’m looking for a job

It’s not His fault, I know his hand

Is stretching out to help me grow

He does his best, but there are those

Who want to turn this good man low

And harm the very ones he chose

To join with Him in every way

To lift this country, to exalt

Yet look at us this very day

It’s Bush’s debt that is at fault

I murmured something in his ear

He turned, a tear, a sniffled cough

The truth, I saw, he would not hear

And zombie-like he shambled off


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