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Men Of Steel

D-Day, the sixth of June, has passed quietly in the West. Too quietly. We tend not to notice these ancient reminders of past glories these days. Our attention is fixed not on survival, but on other, more important, things. The men who went ashore that day, onto a hostile beach, onto a hostile continent, are far removed from us in time and space, for they knew who they were, they knew what they were fighting for, and more importantly, they knew what they were fighting for was important. Not so today, when far too many of us here in the West believe nothing is worth fighting for, that there is no difference between us and the people who are trying to kill us, no difference between people who kill little girls and cut off heads before the camera and a society that poured water up the noses of three terrorists in order to forestall further attack. We have lost our way, lost our nerve, lost our souls, and before long we will have lost our country.



The Western world is dead and gone

And with it any sense

Of waking to a peaceful dawn

Of striking warlike tents

The Taliban, those bearded men

So brave when beating girls

Have dazzled our fair left again

Who love their glistening curls

The North Koreans built their bomb

Without a word from us

We greeted it with rare aplomb

And counted it a plus

That Mr. Kim agreed to take

More money and more oil

When he agreed no nukes to make

 And wrapped us in his coil

Iran will shortly have the means

To kill six million Jews

While we put out behind the scenes

That really isn’t news

Where once men fought for home and hearth

Now men fight not at all

For cultures that have lost their worth

Where duty does not call

Where have they gone, our men of steel?

Who saw things rearranged?

It isn’t they who seem unreal

It’s only us who’ve changed



Obama Beach

On June sixth, the anniversary of the D-Day landings, Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, gave a speech during the ceremonies at Omaha Beach, scene of great courage and carnage that fateful day in 1944, and called it Obama beach. There are those who believe the reference to be a slip of the tongue, easily made. There is, after all, little difference between Omaha and Obama. And to the mind of Gordon Brown, there is little difference between what was accomplished that day in 1944 and what the anointed one has accomplished sixty-five years later. Gordon Brown is a believer in the magic of Barack Obama, and what better way to acknowledge that magic than to re-name this hallowed beach in memory of the greatest president the United States has ever had or ever will have.



To those who think ‘twas but a gaffe

I bid you think again, sir

Brown did not do it for a laugh

He did it for the men, sir

Who came ashore that fateful morn

And stumbled up the shingle

And raced across the bullet torn

Cruel beach, their nerves a-tingle

With just one thought upon their minds

To do this for Obama

A man they knew had future binds

To cure their country’s trauma

Of self-inflicted anomie

Beset with doubt and worry

So with a smart economy

They ran as in a hurry

To hasten and prepare the way

For the one blessed by the gods

Who’d take the reins on one fair day

Despite tremendous odds

And lead us all to heaven’s gate

The land of milk and honey

Of course we’ll have a while to wait

‘Cause he’s spent all of our money