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Over The Cliff

Britain looks to be about to elect a Conservative government in the person of David Cameron, rejecting the Labour government of Gordon Brown. But not so fast. David Cameron is no Maggie Thatcher, being a lot closer in political philosophy to Gordon Brown than to Winston Churchill. It seems a Conservative government of Britain will be only slightly less to the left of the outgoing Labour party, retaining the welfare nanny state in its entirety, because the British public have grown accustomed to the state doing everything for them. And we are headed in that direction. President Obama is bent on transforming the United States into a carbon(less) copy of the enormously successful economies of socialist Europe, and for the same reason: large parts of the American electorate have become dependent on the federal government, and the more people the Democrats can crowd onto the teat the more Democrats will be elected. And so it goes, and so we go, over the socialist cliff.   



The world is crumbling ‘neath our feet

As what was Right’s now Left

The liberal win is now complete

And we are now bereft

Of any counter argument

To liberal thought and deed

Conservatism now seems spent

They’ve joined the hearts that bleed

One mustn’t think it’s over there

The problem’s not our own

They’ve had their own Obamacare

They’ve put their souls on loan

To nanny state in every guise

Sharia to the dole

They’ve crossed the lonely bridge of sighs

To never more be whole

Whatever happens to the Brits

Has happened first to France

And before them it came to Fritz

Now it’s our turn to dance

To think that in my father’s time

Not many years ago

The country’s economic clime

Was government go slow

But now we’re headed for the cliff

The music’s getting loud

Just time for one more jazz time riff

Then join the lefty crowd



The Empire And The Glory

Stuff happens so fast and furiously that it is often difficult to keep up with things with one post a day. On July 16 the British Army Chief of Staff, General Sir Richard Dannat, visited British troops in Sangin, Afghanistan, in an American helicopter, explaining that he did so because he didn’t have a British helicopter, renewing the charge against Prime Minister Gordon Brown that he has sent British troops to war without proper equipment or support. Back in June Brown’s Labour Party suffered a humiliating defeat in the European Union parliamentary elections shortly after being defeated in local British elections. The Labour Party is laying its woes at the feet of Brown, whose gaffe at the D-Day ceremonies in Normandy when he referred to the American landings on Omaha beach as Obama beach did not help matters. Many in British political circles view Gordon Brown as a dead man walking, with the expectation that David Cameron’s Conservatives will win the next general election and possibly take Britain out of the European Union. The political life or death of Gordon Brown does not matter to us, but the life or death of Britain does, and the steady erosion of British liberty, influence and power in the face of growing Islamisation, demographic decline and the increasing abandonment of long held western traditions is both saddening and concerning.     



The man we know as Gordon Brown

Whose grasp exceeds his reach

Has flickered out in London Town

Despite Obama beach

Whose glistening sand and cheery mien

Have done no earthly good

So now Gord Brown must quit the scene

As we all knew he would

But does it matter to us here

Across the briny deep

For no one has the least to fear

The British lion’s leap

The day has passed when who it was

In power really mattered

Her steep decline occurred becuz

Her confidence was shattered

As empire came an empty dream

And socialism’s system

Full thrust the labour unions’ scream

Down throats that di’nt resist ‘em

So now it’s gone, that lovely Isle

That source of law and glory

But close our eyes and we can smile

Recounting England’s story



Obama Beach

On June sixth, the anniversary of the D-Day landings, Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain, gave a speech during the ceremonies at Omaha Beach, scene of great courage and carnage that fateful day in 1944, and called it Obama beach. There are those who believe the reference to be a slip of the tongue, easily made. There is, after all, little difference between Omaha and Obama. And to the mind of Gordon Brown, there is little difference between what was accomplished that day in 1944 and what the anointed one has accomplished sixty-five years later. Gordon Brown is a believer in the magic of Barack Obama, and what better way to acknowledge that magic than to re-name this hallowed beach in memory of the greatest president the United States has ever had or ever will have.



To those who think ‘twas but a gaffe

I bid you think again, sir

Brown did not do it for a laugh

He did it for the men, sir

Who came ashore that fateful morn

And stumbled up the shingle

And raced across the bullet torn

Cruel beach, their nerves a-tingle

With just one thought upon their minds

To do this for Obama

A man they knew had future binds

To cure their country’s trauma

Of self-inflicted anomie

Beset with doubt and worry

So with a smart economy

They ran as in a hurry

To hasten and prepare the way

For the one blessed by the gods

Who’d take the reins on one fair day

Despite tremendous odds

And lead us all to heaven’s gate

The land of milk and honey

Of course we’ll have a while to wait

‘Cause he’s spent all of our money