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Will 2012 Be Too Late?

Paul Ryan, 40 year old five term Republican congressman from Wisconsin, has become the GOP leader on economic policy, a policy that attempts to stop the Democrat steamroller from driving the country into bankruptcy. Obama has already added over 2 trillion dollars to the national debt in just one year, and is projected to add over 10 trillion dollars more over the next few years. Paul Ryan says, “Within a few years a sale of government bonds will fail. The capital markets will go crazy, and the Fed and Treasury will run to Capitol Hill demanding a giant bailout. Adding Obamacare would make the crisis go deeper and arrive faster.” Well, we now have Obamacare, and the financial crisis will be much worse than anyone could have imagined. We need Paul Ryan, or someone like him, to drive a stake in the evil heart of Marxist socialism that is driving the country over the cliff. The problem is, 2012 may be too late, Obama may have succeeded before then in driving the country over the cliff, to smash in bloody fragments onto the rocks far below.



Paul Ryan is tryin’

To make sure it’s dyin’

And see that our Marxism’s dead

The party is over

We’re out of the clover

We’re all gonna work more instead

Entitlements finished

And welfare diminished

We’ll soon put the country on track

No longer will shirkers

Outnumber the workers

With Ryan our liberty’s back

Obama rejected

He could get elected

Both Marxist and Maoist he’d shelve

A man who is able

To clean out the stable

Paul Ryan in twenty oh twelve