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A Gallup poll of Republicans and Republican leaning Independents, out Tuesday, August 24, shows Governor Perry of Texas taking a substantial lead in the Republican primary race for president. Rick Perry has thrown his cap into the ring, and overnight changed the dynamic of the Republican race. Pawlenty is out, Christie likes running New Jersey like Caesar Augustus, and the lesser lights are just in it for some face time. This puts Perry clearly at the top of the heap, unless another strong horse or two enters the race. And we all know who those stronger horses are.



I like Perry

He’s so very

Competent you know

A guy like Rick

Makes O the hick

In 12 he’ll steal the show

Unless of course

A stronger horse

A Rubio perhaps

That Palin girl

Might take a whirl

The ring is full of caps

Whoever runs

Of those big guns

Will in the White House be

As Marxist czars

Get in their cars

And By God we are free


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