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Death Panels, Alive And Well

Peter Orszag, Obama’s Director of Management and Budget, swore up and down and crossed his heart during the debate on the so-called health care reform bill that there was no such thing as death panels in the bill, and now, after the bill is law, says that on second look, why sonofagun, imagine that, death panels. Who’d a thunk it? There will be committees of bureaucratic government employee “experts” (read government employee union members) who will sit in judgment, and who will decide whether you live or die, who will decide whether you get that operation or no. See how it works? No agonizing decisions on your part, just a cut and dried economic decision by the death panel: are you too old or too young or too sick? Must use the money wisely, you know, on people who will be productive after the operation. And we all know who those productive people will be. Government workers have friends and families too, you know. Telling us lies, what a surprise.  



Death panels live

So sayeth Orszag

But with that we give

A cheery toe tag

A nice little note

From Obie and Nance

With this little quote

“You haven’t a chance.”