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The Punch

The president of Iran recently promised a “Punch” to the West on the occasion of the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, and we now know what that punch was. Iran announced they had reached 20% uranium enrichment, the stepping stone to 80% enrichment and a workable bomb. But it could have been worse, as the original “Punch” draft has come into the hands of Verse-afire, and the severity of the punch was toned down by cooler heads. The original draft “Punch” is reproduced here.



As Allah’s mighty host assembles

We see how infidel host trembles

Before our mighty Allah and his wrath

We beg relent ye unbeliever

Give up your god the great deceiver

And follow us down Allah’s golden path

For if you don’t we shall deliver

A blow to make your foul hearts shiver

A blow that shakes your brave mustachios

A punch that rips your world asunder

For if you don’t retrieve your blunder

We’ll raise the price of our pistachios