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Warthogs And Spectres

When the Libyan rebels took up arms against Khaddafi, the French were terrified it might mean a rise in the price of Libyan oil. To French President Sarkozy, the solution was clear: get the United States to remove Khaddafi and ensure the continued flow of Libyan oil to France. Sarkozy then got the United Nations to order the Americans to remove Khaddafi, which fit right in with the Obama administration’s desire to implement a neat little UN deal called Responsibility to Protect, or R2P. Under R2P, every nation, meaning for all practical purposes, the Unite States, has the responsibility to intervene in any nation that looks to be about to inflict a civilian catastrophe on its population. This was brought about by the world’s inaction in the Rwanda genocide, and is now the favorite weapon of White House insiders Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Gayle Smith, who are intent on using R2D against Israel for their barbaric treatment of the innocent missile firing and Jewish family murdering people of Gaza and the West Bank. So the A-10 Warthogs are called in to take out Khaddafi’s tanks, much as Susan Rice and Samantha Power want the Warthogs to take out Israeli tanks in a war of intervention a little further east. In the meantime, however, before the UN can start its war to eliminate Israel, President Sarkozy addresses the French nation, explaining the rationale for intervening in Libya.



“When fighting comes just leave it to us Frogs

We know what needs be done to do it right

I’ve ordered in the Spectres and Warthogs

This is a French led war but US fight

I’m sure the Ami will not mind a bit

If Frenchmen go to war to save our oil

When fighting comes you really must admit

We French do things accordingly to Hoyle

Khaddafi is a rogue and reprobate

No pasaran! means that they shall not pass!

He must be gone, and yes we cannot wait

We’d really love to have his oil and gas”


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