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In a recent interview, President Obama revealed his 2012 election strategy.



I plan on telling just the truth

So entering the voting booth

The people know who’s right and know who’s wrong

We’ve fought a war but now there’s peace

Though dangers for us will not cease

And so we must be brave and must be strong

The deficit is smaller now

And jobs are growing, so’s the Dow

We’re on our way to great financial strides

We have the people who will vote

We tell them do not rock the boat

We’ll bus them to the polls sans bona fides

With Acorn and our union pals

Plus all those love Obama gals

We’ll sweep it all not lose a single state

We’ll put opponents in a box

We’ll shut down crazy things like Fox

And every other right wing voice of hate

And then it will be cool green slopes

As we fulfill the peoples’ hopes

And take this country into glory land

Your government knows what is best

You vote us in, we’ll do the rest

And once you’re down and out we’ll lend a hand


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