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Slow Learners

An international test of schoolkids showed Asian kids outperforming American kids by a country kilometer, but American educators are not impressed. “Our kids are first class in socializing and dancing,” they say smugly. “Not one of those Asian kids ever even heard of Lady GaGa.” When it was suggested the current economic climate was hurting the schools, the Educator said, “We’re combining many of our activities to cut costs. For example, many schools are now holding Driver Ed and Sex Ed classes in the same car.”



Who cares our kids can’t read or write

Who cares if math won’t come out right

What matters is we do not slight

Slow learners

So what if our schools do not teach

That excellence is in your reach

We must move more at pace of each

Slow learner

Yes other kids are good at math

But we’ve not driven down that path

And we produce what few doth hath

Slow learners

The world at large is passing by

Their kids succeed because they try

Our kids don’t study and that’s why

Slow learners

The teachers unions do deplore

And say that all’d be well if more

Tax money went into their store

Slow learners

The president says money spent

On teachers will correct the bent

That has occurred with good intent

Slow learners

But things are not as bad as seem

There are good kids who dream the dream

The test results show not the cream

Slow learners

Are Philly schools good as Shanghai

No they are not and we know why

That’s why on them we can’t rely

Slow learners

But if you tested just the best

You’d find that our kids pass the test

There’s always been the top, the rest

Slow learners