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Yesterday And Tomorrow

There have been a couple of recent and interesting developments. Hezbollah has been infiltrated by CIA and Russia activates its missile warning system. If Hezbollah is yesterday, and they soon will be, then Russia and Putin are tomorrow. Enjoy today.





Let’s hand it to the CIA

They got from State some guys who’re gay

To infiltrate the Hezbollah

And pretty soon it was voila!

The Hezbollah guys were in love

With every little turtle dove

The CIA could find to send

To Lebanon to find a friend

Who’d spill the beans while snug in bed

It worked so well they’re now all wed

The Hezbollah are husbands now

They each have one sweet bearded frau

And CIA pays child support

For every new arrived report

Yes Hezbollah no longer kills

And does whatever Allah wills

For wifey has them by the shorts

And though he squeals and cries and snorts

Their days are done, we knew they were

When they preferred a him to her

So raise a toast to CIA

With State they rose to save the day

By sending guys they knew who would

Do quite a job by smelling good




Putin huffs that he won’t yield

He’ll activate the missile shield

He claims our guns are aimed at him

But he must think we’re really dim

The Russian liberty’s a fraud

They’re out to take the near abroad

Return it to its former state

As vassals to the late and great

Old Soviet of Stalin’s time

Where guys like Putin learned to climb

The ladder over fallen guys

Who stumbled in Beria’s eyes

And vanished in the northern snows

And disappeared where goodness knows

Yes Putin has his missile shield

And yes we know he will not yield

And from my lonely point of view

It looks like we’re in Cold War 2


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A Quid Pro Quo

Reuters says Russia and the United States have arrived at a deal whereby the United States will be permitted to ship non-lethal supplies through Russian territory to Afghanistan. At the moment there is no word on what the United States will pay for this largesse, but rest assured, Putin will want something. The question is, what has Obama agreed to give Putin?



We all know what the price will be

It’s Georgia Putin wants

Obama says it will kill me

But you can have it once

We move the Braves to Illinois

And shift some other clubs

Though I am sure it will annoy

The White Sox and the Cubs

And then I want, said Putin’s smile

Ukraine and Poland too

The near abroad, just for a while

Then given back to you

But not until we’ve had a chance

To put in place our men

The guys who took us to the dance

And’ll take us there again

Done and done, Obama laughed

Done cheaply at the price

Much less than our Chicago graft

And nearly twice as nice

And what we get for what we gave

Just puts my mind at ease

A dozen cans of Burma Shave

And Russian MREs