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A Rolling Stone

General McChrystal was fired Wednesday by President Obama for saying disrespectful things about the civilian authority in a very liberal magazine called Rolling Stone. The General was apologetic, but he had committed the unpardonable sin; he thought he knew how to fight a war better than some political appointee, so he had to go.



I am a rolling stone

Saying things out loud for which I must atone

So now I’m all alone

Yes I’m a rolling stone

I talked a bit too much

Saying things like he’s a dope and such and such

Got me in a lot of dutch

Yes I’m a rolling stone

Now I’m out of a job

Talking to a magazine it sure played hob

Now with the jobless mob

Yes I’m a rolling stone

See all the stars I wore

Count ‘em how you will they still count up to four

I made Obama sore

Yes I’m a rolling stone