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Sarkozy And Daffy

Just before the UN Resolution demanding the US go to war with Libya, Khaddafi threatened French President Sarkozy and Italian President Berlusconi, telling them that he would reveal to the world the whole rotten financial business between Khaddafi and the two of them, saying he, Khaddafi, had emails and other documents showing Sarkozy and Berlusconi had taken Libyan money over many years, most recently to finance Sarkozy’s election campaign. Sarkozy denied the charges, and Berlusconi could not be reached for comment, being on a date with a very young lady.



Things were looking rosy

For Khaddafi as Sarkozy

And that Berlusconi fellow up in Rome

Took the money with the promise

There would be no doubting Thomas

They’d support whatever Daffy did at home

But now things are looking wavy

As the mighty US Navy

Heads into the wind and planes hurl down the decks

And Kaddaffi’s troops stop grinning

As they did when they were winning

And Sarkozy smiles he never saw the checks


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