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The Trap

It has been some weeks since the Libyan rebels announced they had surrounded Khaddafi and his loyalists, yet the war, if it can be described so, goes on. Have the rebels been sucked into a trap? Have Khaddafy’s  loyalists, determining they could not operate in the open because of Nato air attack, pulled the old fall back in retreat, drawing the enemy into a trap where they will be impaled on the loyalist armor? It is too soon to tell, but the strategy is as old as warfare itself.



The Golden Horde

Under its lord

The great one Genghis Khan

Would turn and run

And then the fun

Began for Russ and Han

The crescent wings

With stout bow strings

Would circle round the foe

They’d close the gap

And then the trap

Would lay the foemen low

And so it is

That soda fizz

Escapes its prison home

And gives a shout

As bubbling out

Khaddafy henchmen roam

The city streets

Until one meets

The rebel Berber host

Who lightly armed

Are greatly harmed

Despite Obama’s boast

That he has won

And that the sun

On Austerlitz doth shine

And by his wiles

Khaddafy smiles

And says this land’s still mine


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Let’s You And Him Fight

News item: Nato pulls out of Libya operation, citing exhaustion. Italy has pulled out its aircraft carrier, Norway is pulling out its planes and France is negotiating with Khaddafi for a settlement. And all say that only US ground troops can bring the war to an end.


Let’s you and him fight, say the Europeans, exhausted by a low grade, no casualties kinetic slugfest against a guy with no air force or navy and whose mobile armored force consists of a pair of beat-up Toyota pickups.



Of course we’ve heard this all before

It happens every little war

The Euros start and cannot reach the end

From Libya to Kosovo

They start at ease and then go slow

While counting every mortar round they spend

Exhausted now, in deep despair

They’ve reached that blackest point to where

They cry their airplane can’t take any more

And both their pilots called in sick

And so they want that backwoods hick

The US to come in and win the war


And  yes I know we are already flying most if not all of the air strikes, though Obama says it is not a war at all and therefore doesn’t need anybody’s permission to do whatever he wants to a country that up until now was counted as a friend, or at least more friendly than most Arab cessholes.


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A Mighty Force

The United Nations has declared that Khaddafi must go. Of course, the UN, like the Pope, has a limited number of Divisions, and thus the orders to remove Khaddafi must be carried out by others, most of whom are entirely incapable of carrying out any order, let alone an order to commit war, even against a foe as weak as Khaddafi. And so, as always, it looks like if the order is to be carried out it will be carried out by the United States. But Obama has claimed repeatedly that we are not in a war in Libya, despite almost daily bombing by our airplanes, and one would think Obama would be loathe to anger his lefty base further by putting some boots on the ground. So what is the UN, that mighty force, to do?



The UN is a mighty force

Their word obeyed toot sweet of course

For all the world knows it has a mailed fist

The diplomats quick on the draw

The bad guys know their word is law

Just looking cross will put you on their list

Of course the members all are armed

And keen to see the bad guys harmed

They’ve got the stuff that flies and then goes BAM!

Or have I only dreamt that’s so

I fear that if the bad guys go

That once again it’s up to Uncle Sam



It Depends

Over the years we have taken out a grand total of two bad guys, out of a world full of bad guys. Saddam and bin Laden are now gone, and Khaddafi is in the crosshairs, but not North Korea’s Kim nor Syria’s Assad, nor any member of the ruling Chinese Communist party, not to mention petty African dictators who routinely kill and imprison and torture their own people who dare to disagree with them. Are we in the business of taking out bad guys or are we not? Well, it depends.



Why are there some too bad to live

While others even worse

Escape the settlement we give

A short ride in a hearse

It seems a crazy way to deal

With nutcakes like the Nork

Or could it be they just might feel

Like nuking our New York

The Chicoms kill more people than

The rest of world combined

And yet we hail their five year plan

No problems do we find

It all rests on whose ox is gored

Some bad guys are our friends

Why are some taken off the board

We shrug, say it depends


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The Italian government has announced it will not participate in the war against Libya beyond letting the UN use its airfields. And that leaves the British and the French wondering why the Americans, who started it all, are not there. The only ones with any sense in this senseless war are the Italians.



There is no reason to believe

Obamaman meant to deceive

When he said he had power and to spare

For anything the UN wants

And you would have to be a dunce

To think that he most surely did not care

For children threatened by the Duck

Or older folks down on their luck

A crisis looms is what he starkly said

A tragedy upon us now

He said with worried furrowed brow

A tiny tear, a wan shake of the head

Obamaman, Anointed One

Then walked away, his duty done

And said to NATO it’s your baby now

The French and British tried and failed

And as the ghost ship up and sailed

Italians lined the dock and shouted “Ciao!”


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I Have The Cure

Many wonder what our war aims in Libya are. Do we want Khaddafi dead or do we merely want him to take his billions and his gorgeous blond East European nurses to live simply in the south of France? And will American troops be employed in the effort to change the regime by another name? The president says no, and explains:



Let me be clear, the president said

We want the man out, we don’t want him dead

We won’t put a single man’s boot on the ground

We won’t be at war, not while I’m around

Yes airplanes will fly and our warships will shoot

But boots on the ground, no the question is moot

Marines are on standby, somewhere in the Med

All ready on station, and French or Brit led

There’s things that the Congress just don’t need to know

When I give the word then the Army will go

That old constitution no longer applies

Besides it’s just filled with those slave owners’ lies

The people have voted, it’s time for a change

And so I have ordered the missiles down range

And guns to al Qaeda is plainly my goal

Their fierce fighting qualities quicken my soul

In closing I say with al Qaeda as friend

My plans are in motion, and none know the end

For I keep my counsel and none know for sure

The country’s diseased, and I have the cure


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Sarkozy And Daffy

Just before the UN Resolution demanding the US go to war with Libya, Khaddafi threatened French President Sarkozy and Italian President Berlusconi, telling them that he would reveal to the world the whole rotten financial business between Khaddafi and the two of them, saying he, Khaddafi, had emails and other documents showing Sarkozy and Berlusconi had taken Libyan money over many years, most recently to finance Sarkozy’s election campaign. Sarkozy denied the charges, and Berlusconi could not be reached for comment, being on a date with a very young lady.



Things were looking rosy

For Khaddafi as Sarkozy

And that Berlusconi fellow up in Rome

Took the money with the promise

There would be no doubting Thomas

They’d support whatever Daffy did at home

But now things are looking wavy

As the mighty US Navy

Heads into the wind and planes hurl down the decks

And Kaddaffi’s troops stop grinning

As they did when they were winning

And Sarkozy smiles he never saw the checks


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A Weekend In Rio

In the midst of a world-wide crisis, President Obama has set a weekend vacation in Rio with his family and suggested that Americans can think about helping Japan while filling out their NCAA basketball tournament brackets. Japan is reeling under earthquakes, a tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people, and a nuclear reactor meltdown spewing radiation into the globe circling winds, and his first thought is basketball. Protests and violence erupt in the Middle East, Kaddafi is about to crush the rebels trying to oust the murderous dictator, and Obama goes to Rio to see the sights. The current and hopefully one term president of the United States is unfit to hold the office, is unqualified to hold the office, and January 20, 2013 can’t come fast enough.



Kaddafi kills with guns and bombs

Brave kids who he now slaughters

Obama thinks of Viet Nams

And then with wife and daughters

Heads off to Rio for a lark

And lends them no assistance

For he’s afraid he’ll light a spark

Creating more resistance

He likes guys like the Saudi king

He likes to be a pal to

Tough guys who let him kiss the ring

And say who he can bow to


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The Abyss

The world stands on the brink of anarchy and the president of the United States does nothing. And the reason is obvious. He is in a job for which he is supremely unqualified. The world trembles and Barack Obama plays golf and parties. Young white women lusting after the cool, handsome black man have voted into office a man who seems not to notice the looming abyss. It is apparent the abyss is beneath his notice.



Down silent halls walk silent ghosts

Pale sentinels stand shadowed posts

The night seeps through the shuttered door

Concealing terrors in its core

Beyond the silent hall a room

Is filled with laughter not with gloom

Bright lights and dancing still hold sway

The dancers knowing not that day

Will not be dawning evermore

That darkness is their lot in store

Yes worlds may crumble, ruin reign

Hussein sees not the hurricane

And wonders why things are so grim

Not once conceding it is him


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Waltradamus: The Middle East

Chaos rules the Middle East. Protests rise in anger to topple governments, while other governments topple protesters. The world of oil is aflame, and stark depression looms unless the weak West shows some unaccustomed backbone. In the United States, the power, the president seems strangely unmoved by events. In a world perceived as dark by many, Waltradamus, seer and chronicler of the future, reveals what is to come.


The oil rich kingdom topples down

The Pharaohs rise to grab the crown

The Medes perceive the time is ripe

The west men still believe the hype


Mushrooms grow in hardened sand

Pilgrims walk with naught in hand

Blinding flashes fill the night

Darkened eyes cry out for sight


Jobless men look hard for toil

Mobless men look hard for oil

Derricks blackened stand forlorn

Mothers weep for their first born


Strong men riding horses white

Promise ways to end the blight

Darkness darkness everywhere

Dawn will come but who will care


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