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The Long View Of The Left

It is well understood by the punditry that the purpose of the Democratic Senate killing the filibuster was to allow Obama to place additional liberal judges on the already liberal leaning courts. But what if there’s another purpose, a longer range purpose? Maybe the reason was to see that Obama could be elected to a third term despite the Twenty-second amendment limiting the term of office of the president to two terms. Consider. Someone with standing, in this case Obama, sues to have the Twenty-second Amendment repealed on the grounds it is not applied equally to all federally elected officials, or perhaps on other grounds deemed sufficiently and equally effective. The case is fast tracked, a carefully chosen lower court rules in favor of repeal, it goes to the Democrat stacked US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia which upholds it, from where it wends its way to the Supreme Court where, between now and November 2016, Justice Stevens will have left the Court and the Senate, assuming the Democrats find enough votes in car trunks and desk drawers to hold the Senate in the mid-term elections, and even a tie will give them the deciding vote by the Vice President,  will have voted, absent the filibuster, to confirm a new liberal justice to the Supreme Court, making the Court 5 to 4 Democrat. The Democrat controlled Supreme Court will then repeal of the Twenty-second Amendment. Fanciful? So once was the idea that a man without a past, a man without accomplishment, a cipher, an enigma, could be elected president. But he was. So it is entirely possible that killing the filibuster was not about stuffing the courts with liberal judges, it was a long term strategy to see that Obama is elected to a third and a fourth term, and possibly beyond. Everything has to go right, the key being holding the Senate in the 2014 midterms, but at this point it’s even money and to Obama worth the risk of further alienating the Democratic Party from the public already alienated by Obamacare. And if it all works out, and he is allowed to run and is re-elected? My crystal ball is cloudy, but one thing is certain. It will take many generations to undo the damage to the country, and eventually much blood, for once the Left gains power they do not peacefully relinquish it.

The Constitution is no bar
To what Obama wants
He knows he hasn’t come this far
To only be there once
There’s much to do before he’ll rest
Democracy destroyed
The Marxist way he knows is best
His killers well employed
For Stalin surely showed the way
And Hitler, so to Mao
That’s why he starts this very day
To lay the groundwork now

More Nursery Rhymes

My six year old neighbor girls were playing hopscotch again today. You wouldn’t think six year olds would be on top of things, but they are. They even know who Kathleen Sebelius is, though I believe they felt a little sorry for her, having to tell Congress why the rollout didn’t work. Strangely enough, they also heard of Jay Carney, the president’s press secretary, and they knew all about the Democrat controlled Senate voting to change the rules and abolish the filibuster. Their little voices carried far as they sang:

Hickory dickory dock
Sebelius ran out the clock
October the one
The rollout not done
She’s gone soon and that is a lock

Carney Blarney pudding and pie
Senate vote won’t make him cry
When the press asked him today
Carney Blarney ran away