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The Strange Case Of The Liberal Mind

We live today in a world of progressive liberalism, where nothing is ever good or evil in itself, but only in the eye of the beholder, where actions have no consequences that cannot be explained away, and where the truth is whatever the liberals say it is. What would an honorable 19th century man say of today’s world? What would Holmes think of a world where a man’s word was always accompanied by a wink and a nod?  



Dear Watson, said Sherlock, with eyes closed in pain

I’ve had the most damnedable dream

I hope with my heart I not have it again

For the future’s not what it may seem

‘Twas merely your dinner that caused you to fret

Said Watson, the Times on his lap

I’m certain the dream was from something you et

That preceded your uncertain nap

Nay Watson, ‘twas real, just as real as today

I met with a future most dire

A man who threw virtue and honor away

And let out his good name for hire

He called himself liberal, progressive and such

He said there’s no right and no wrong

And those disagreeing were just out of touch

And they’d banished who did not belong

An ugly dream, Holmes, but the question is how

Did the future become so absurd

If true my dear fellow, I’m glad we live now

Where men live by honor and word