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What’s The Buzz?

Joe Buzz, a commenter at Belmont Club, thinks there might be some money to be made by selling people on the idea that the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting, just as they’ve been sold on the nonsense of man-made global warming to the vast financial profit of Al Gore and other conmen. Joe’s idea is to sell refrigerator magnets to the gullible, with printed instructions on how to keep them properly oriented for maximum effect upon the poles, and to offer pole shifting offsets just like carbon offsets. Making up stories about Canada geese no longer migrating because of the shifting poles will get the enviros and other whackos rushing to buy magnets. The possibilities are endless. If Al Gore can get a Nobel Prize for nonsense, why can’t Joe Buzz?  



Hey Joe, you’re on to something here

You name the place I’ll bring the beer

A TV blitz with crying baby geese

We’ll cut Al Gore in for a slice

Although on TV ‘twould be nice

If Al would show up not quite so obese

Refrigerator magnets scream

A con man’s everlasting dream

Instructions printed all with large size type

We’ll get some academics too

Who for a price will work with you

And generate some full time good time hype

I see it now, the dough is real

We’re millionaires, a tingly feel

It’s gonna be just great I know becuz

Ideas like this come so rare

They just electrify the air

And all because of one guy named Joe Buzz