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The End Of Chapter One

Osama bin Laden is dead, his loathsome body food for crabs and worms. President Obama claims he is much against spiking the ball, but he continues his victory lap this week with a visit to the Intelligence guys who tracked him down. The president should know this is but Chapter One. Now comes Chapter Two in a two chapter book, and we shall see how Obama handles it.



With my big map of Pakistan

I tried to guess where ‘Sama ran

I tore a page and bore a hole

Upon the town that was his goal

And sure enough that very night

It proved to be that I was right

I tore a page and bore a hole

Yes Tora Bora ‘pon my soul

He never was in that damn cave

With ISI the slip he gave

And settled down to live his life

Content with his young nubile wife

Until the Seals the doorbell rang

The search was over with a bang

And so to Pak we bid goodbye

We pack our maps and with a sigh

We close the book on chapter one

Another chapter and we’re done

The ending is not hard to see

The book will close with victory

And Profs in future will declare

The Muslim world’s no longer there



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