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The End Of Chapter One

Osama bin Laden is dead, his loathsome body food for crabs and worms. President Obama claims he is much against spiking the ball, but he continues his victory lap this week with a visit to the Intelligence guys who tracked him down. The president should know this is but Chapter One. Now comes Chapter Two in a two chapter book, and we shall see how Obama handles it.



With my big map of Pakistan

I tried to guess where ‘Sama ran

I tore a page and bore a hole

Upon the town that was his goal

And sure enough that very night

It proved to be that I was right

I tore a page and bore a hole

Yes Tora Bora ‘pon my soul

He never was in that damn cave

With ISI the slip he gave

And settled down to live his life

Content with his young nubile wife

Until the Seals the doorbell rang

The search was over with a bang

And so to Pak we bid goodbye

We pack our maps and with a sigh

We close the book on chapter one

Another chapter and we’re done

The ending is not hard to see

The book will close with victory

And Profs in future will declare

The Muslim world’s no longer there



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It Depends

Over the years we have taken out a grand total of two bad guys, out of a world full of bad guys. Saddam and bin Laden are now gone, and Khaddafi is in the crosshairs, but not North Korea’s Kim nor Syria’s Assad, nor any member of the ruling Chinese Communist party, not to mention petty African dictators who routinely kill and imprison and torture their own people who dare to disagree with them. Are we in the business of taking out bad guys or are we not? Well, it depends.



Why are there some too bad to live

While others even worse

Escape the settlement we give

A short ride in a hearse

It seems a crazy way to deal

With nutcakes like the Nork

Or could it be they just might feel

Like nuking our New York

The Chicoms kill more people than

The rest of world combined

And yet we hail their five year plan

No problems do we find

It all rests on whose ox is gored

Some bad guys are our friends

Why are some taken off the board

We shrug, say it depends


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Our Faithful Allies

Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight in Pakistan, in a mansion built for him by the Pakistani Intelligence Service, the ISI, about thirty miles north of the capital city of Islamabad, next to the Pakistan Military Academy, in a neighborhood populated by retired Pakistani military officers, this all the while the Pakistani government was vehemently denying they knew where he was, and were, moreover, actively looking for him. The question is, why now?  Why now have the Pakis given up a man they have hidden for so many years? Was there a quid pro quo? Did we finally make them an offer they couldn’t refuse? This story does not end with the death of Osama bin Laden.



Suggesting that the Paki

Are disloyal is so tacky

That it angers some to hear such claims be made

They have been our allies faithful

To deny it is disgraithful

And I’m here to see those lies to rest be laid

Yes they built for him a mansion

Ten foot walls and every stanchion

Built of concrete steel and bullet proofed to boot

They protected him and hid him

While the ISI did bid him

Do the dirty work while telling us that, shoot

They were looking for him also

Which we all knew well was false so

Just whose fault is it that he has lived this long

Yes good allies are the Paki

And bin Laden was their lackey

Why they turned him in will take another song


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