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Rum Runners

It has been revealed that Diageo, a London distillery, is the beneficiary of 2.7 billion dollars of TARP money to build a rum distillery in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. All without anyone knowing it was happening. The reality is this sort of thing happens all the time, and one wonders what is hidden in the massive and unread stimulus and energy bills about to hit us. What nice little favors did nice little congresspersons add when no one was looking? We don’t know, and won’t know until it’s too late. But it isn’t as if the average congressperson thinks it’s our money. No, it’s their money, to with as they please.



It’s nice to have good friends in real high places

Like congresspersons looking out for you

Who write you in without the slightest traces

Of what it’s for or why it’s for or who

They add their little schemers in the darkness

When all believe the gaveled day is through

They understand their colleagues will thus hark less

To what it is that they’re about to do

But what is two point seven billion dollars

When calculated ‘gainst the greater good

No point in getting hot under the collars

It’s just the way things are, that’s understood

It isn’t if it really were your money

It isn’t if you had it in your hand

But if you think this kind of stuff ain’t funny

Come ‘lection day just tell them go pound sand