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But That Was Yesterday

The Occupy London radical left wingers have taken over St. Paul’s Cathedral, and, as expected, used it as a latrine. St. Paul’s is part of the proud history of Britain, a history of enlightenment, of law, a history that is now, well, history, where the coddled young crap in the nave because they believe the State is not doing enough for them, is not taking enough from the productive class to keep the unproductive class in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.



St. Paul’s has seen

Each King and Queen

Since the year 1710

On Ludgate Hill

It stands there still

By genius Christopher Wren

It seems short years

That Dukes and Peers

In robes and scepters may

By candlelight

Show Britain’s might

But that was yesterday

The Heinkels came

And set to flame

The Londoners each night

And St. Paul’s sits

Amid the Blitz

Backlit against the light

St. Paul’s can boast

Of Nelson’s ghost

And Churchill’s mortal clay

Who tarried there

In raiment fair

But that was yesterday


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