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Glowing In The Dark

It is revealed that al Qaeda is recruiting lonely young men and boys who spend their time playing computer games for suicide bombing missions, promising everlasting life, and presumably everlasting computer games. But the United States has drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, that can detect suicide bombers at long range by infrared imaging that examines the heat radiated by the body to detect if explosives are being carried.


He sits there in his basement room

Doors closed, no sound, lights low

A ghostly figure in the gloom

Lit by computer glow

The figures on the screen are real

As real as life to him

The wounds he causes make him feel

That his life is less grim

The Imam smiles and becks him come

Join now the holy cause

March proudly with the jihad drum

Just put your game on pause

And join us in far Pakistan

A Holy Warrior be

Come join us son and be a man

And set the Ummah free

He closes down the infi Dell

And climbs the basement stairs

His life for Allah he will sell

Success to he who dares

In Pakistan he’s fitted for

A somewhat bulky vest

And told that he’s now in the war

And Allah needs his best

He smiles and shakes the Imam’s hand

He’s filled with jihad pride

lesAnd there in that wild far off land

Is where our warrior died

For unseen forces lay in wait

Not like his basement room

A UAV had sensed his fate

For some games end in doom





Not Serious

President Obama and the Democrats do not believe we are at war. Iran declared war on us in 1979 when they captured the US embassy in Teheran and held our diplomats captive for 444 days. Radical Islam has been at war with us for more than three decades, blowing up airplanes, bombing barracks, killing Americans worldwide, yet nothing disturbs the tranquility of those who choose not to see. Three recent events show how unserious we are: a suicide bomber walked into an outpost in Afghanistan and killed a roomful of CIA agents; a Muslim United States army officer killed eleven unarmed infidel soldiers inside Fort Hood; and a suicide bomber got on an airplane and almost succeeded in blowing it up. Muslims are at war with us, and they know it and act accordingly; we deny we are at war and act accordingly. The Northwest Airlines would-be bomber boasted of hundreds of guys just like him preparing to give their lives for Allah, and yet the Obama administration treats him as they would a common criminal, turning him over to the civilian justice system where he is now lawyered up and not talking. Nothing will change until some catastrophe, like a Mumbai-style attack on a mid-town NYC luxury hotel, or a Beslan style attack on an elementary school, and even then I expect a great many liberal Democrats to blame us for provoking the religion of peace. We are terror-stricken at the thought of touching a murdering terrorist’s Koran without rubber gloves for fear of being accused of insensitivity. The insanity will end only with the deaths of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Americans, and the deaths of millions of Muslims. And in the not too distant future.



The presidential jihad thrust

Is that civilian courts

Are where we place our binding trust

And where we show our warts

For warts and all is what we are

Free people with a heart

So we’re prepared to go real far

To show we do our part

To keep civility alive

And thus not waterboard

No matter that we won’t survive

It’s war that we’ve abjured