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Baghdad Boob

Do you remember Saddam’s comical mouthpiece, Baghdad Bob? Well, we now have Baghdad Boob. It has been revealed that the Iraqi army has been using prostitutes as informants to nab bad guys. Is this news? Is this new? Hardly. Women have been used from time immemorial to gain information that would otherwise be unattainable. A man who would suffer torture and death for not speaking is apt to disclose not only his entire life story but the most secret things of his life when wrapped in the arms of a soft, loving, sweet smelling woman.



Ah yes, the ladies do us proud

As source of information

For men do tend to talk out loud

In such a situation

While lying in a bed so warm

‘Longside a charming female

He often cannot see the harm

In telling of his email

From colleague Hamid who that day

Sent him complete instruction

On how to make the gentile pay

And how to sow destruction

Upon the unbelievers who

Would drink and do such other

Things a Muslim would not do

At least not ’fore his mother

The good Jihadist must not think

Of things beyond the warfare

Until it’s time for love and drink

With his beguiling whore fair