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An Undisclosed Location

A few days ago a US drone strike in northern Pakistan killed a number of Pakistani Taliban. As the mourners gathered for the funeral some days later, another drone struck the funeral, killing three top Taliban commanders and between fifty and seventy rank and file Taliban, the number dependent on which source you believe. The already dead Taliban were not further harmed. The head Taliban guy, the top commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, attended the funeral, but according to some sources survived the attack. We shall see. You may recall that a few months ago the very same Baitullah Mehsud called the AP from an undisclosed location and boasted of the ruin he was about to rain on the United States and all its minions. The question is, since he called the AP from an undisclosed location, is he now also in an undisclosed location, dispersed by the drone strike over a square kilometer or two of Pakistani scrub.



Baitullah Mehsud was an angry man

Who called up the AP

To claim that he and his mates can

And will claim victory

He said he would amaze the world

With blows to the great satan

And claimed that death about him swirled

And terror lay a’waitin’

He sneered our fear hangs like a pall

And terror’s his vocation

But notice that he made the call

From an undisclosed location

But just because you’re undisclosed

Won’t mean you’re unlocated

Not if the US is disposed

To make your life truncated

The silent death from out the sky

Sought out the funeral party

The missiles flew and bye and bye

The men who once were hearty

Were just as dead as were their friends

Whose passing they were mourning

Struck down by those who sought their ends

Attacking without warning

A job well done we all would say

Good job from top to bottom

But did Mehsud escape that day?

I think we finally got him