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The Magic Lamp

Saudi Arabia has gotten so disgusted with the incompetent Obama that they recognize they can no longer depend on the United States to protect them, so they have bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Sources say the nukes are already built and just waiting for Saudi Arabia to give the word to ship them. This is but the first step in the nuking up of the Middle East in view of Iran’s determination to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel is already nuked up, and the rest will follow, the Gulf States, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey if they haven’t already quietly done so. Thanks to Obama, the non-proliferation treaty is effectively dead, and the most unstable region on the face of the Earth will soon have nuclear tipped missiles aimed at each other. Thanks, Barry.

Pakistan has rubbed the magic lamp
Releasing to the detriment of all
A djinn who is about to put his stamp
On every single fearsome fireball
The Saudis think they’re safe by nuking up
And truth to tell they very well may be
But very soon the runneth over cup
Will glaze the sands from Gulf to the Red Sea
The shoreline of the Med will wither, die
And states that once were there will be no more
The djinn now smiles for he knows by and bye
Are different words but tell just what’s in store

Who Will Bear The Ring?

In The Lord Of The Rings, it is asked, Who Will Bear The Ring, and Frodo says he will, though he does not know the way. Well, I’m getting tired of bearing the Ring, tired of crooked politicians, tired of paying taxes so that others may live a life without toil. I’m sick and tired of a lot of things. And I’m not alone. I would gladly bear the Ring if it led the way to smaller government and greater freedom, two things now in short supply. But who will show the way?

I’m getting tired of all of this
So tired of crooks who baby kiss
With unctuous smiles and greedy hands
No public servants but brigands
My thoughts are filled with bleak despair
My country gone, I know not where
How glad I am that I was born
Into this world at dawning morn
Of what my country would achieve
Of heights that no one could believe
Were possible to mortal man
Accomplished in so short a span
A generation reached the stars
Unlocked the gates, released the bars
That held the world without in thrall
Who joined with us in freedom’s call
That day is done, and now the night
Comes down and closes out the light
The government be master now
We tread in fear of master’s scowl
Where is the knight on shining steed
Where is the savior in our need
No shining knight, no savior comes
We bend the knee, accept the crumbs
I’m getting tired of the whole thing
Who knows the way, who’ll bear the Ring?

Gently Down The Stream

The euro looks like it is going the way of the Dodo. In the immortal words of Monty Python, it is a deceased, defunct parrot. And with the demise of the euro goes the Eurozone and the strangling bureaucracy in Brussels. But the ruling elites in Europe, fighting furiously to save their positions and sinecures, are paddling furiously upstream, trying to stay afloat, blissfully unaware the boat is being pulled inexorably toward the cataract, and paddle as they might, the boat is going over the falls, ending the socialist dream, possibly forever.



Euro, euro, euro your boat

Gently down the stream

Over the falls and onto the rocks

Life is a bad dream


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Plato And The Log

It has been said that a university is Plato sitting on one end of a log and a student on the other. But what if the student has a laptop? And what if Plato is a card carrying member of the teachers union? And has the log been certified as being from a non-endangered species of tree?



Ah then, said Plato, looking firm

Decline the verb to be

The student, puzzled, looked about

But nowhere did he see

A way around the question that

His tutor thus had posed

For he could answer not because

His laptop it was closed

For union rules required both

Of them to idly sit

‘Twas clear that both infinitives

And logs were meant to split


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Dear Diary

YouTube has a lot of very funny Hitler take-offs, and while funny, make no pretense of being true, nor is it expected that anyone would think they were true. Verse-afire, however, is pleased to reproduce a true account of a Hitler interview with Josef Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister, deep in the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin as the Russians closed in. The following is an excerpt from the Hitler diaries, May 1945, discovered by Verse-afire at a yard sale.



How did it come to this, my friend?

We had our fun though, did we not?

The country that we had to mend

The Reds and homos we had shot

Remember how we crushed poor France

Across the Meuse and to the sea

And then the Eiffel Tower dance?

Such fun, such joy to laugh and see

And Stalin, he was so afraid

He trembled at the thought that I

Would send my panzers to invade

That filthy land, that great pig sty

The English too, were on the ropes

My U-boats sank their ships at will

‘Til they were down to prayers and hopes

Just sitting waiting for the kill

Ah, Josef, where did we go wrong?

How did we let them off the hook?

This war has gone on much too long

The maps, I’m too afraid to look

Surrounded, Josef, east and west

By Yanks and Brits and Commies too

By God, I did my very best

It’s time we just said toodle-oo



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Where Once Was Hington

Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered thirteen fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, and it became immediately apparent that many in Washington and in the military had for many years questioned the sanity and loyalty of Major Hasan. Nothing was done about it because the Major was a Muslim, and to remove him or even question him was contrary to the orthodox political correctness that demanded Muslims be treated with the utmost consideration lest the entire Muslim American community be offended. And so, in the cause of political correctness, thirteen innocent men and women died, and some thirty-eight were wounded. And what was the official reaction to this vicious and violent Muslim murder of infidels? The president of the United States demanded of us that we not jump to conclusions about the motive of the Muslim killer, and stated the act was incomprehensible, though it was clearly not incomprehensible at all. General George W. Casey, Army Chief of Staff, wrung his hands and cried that he hoped this unfortunate incident would not seriously damage the military’s drive for diversity. Such is the madness that grips us that we cannot bring ourselves to see that which is plain for all to see.  



Stupid is as stupid does

So sayeth one and all

But why is stupid all the buzz

Just before the fall?

To ask it is to answer

For anyone can see

The country has a cancer

In Washington DC

The way that things are going

I shudder for my kids

As freedom’s winds stop blowing

As country hits the skids

Hasan investigated

But they find that nothing’s wrong

He’s Muslim so he skated

We’ve all heard this dreary song

He had stated Allah bade him

Kill the infidel at once

They surely could have had him

But he smiled as one who hunts

For his victims where he finds them

And he shot them where they stood

As he cried that Allah binds them

To perdition and that’s good

So with plentiful profusions

Of our guilt the word goes out

That we not jump to conclusions

It’s not Islam, there’s no doubt

Yes common sense may still prevail

But don’t bet the rent money

I’d cry at this sad sorry tale

If it weren’t so damn funny

On future digs when time permits

No harmful radiation

They’ll scratch their heads and search for bits

Of what was once a nation

“Twas Hington, boys, a state now dead”

But others disagree

Until they found the sign that said




An Opening On Mount Rushmore?

Barack Obama’s overheated disciples are even now saying that the One deserves to be on Mount Rushmore for his speeches alone, which are, they assert, of transcendent brilliance. Obamaspeech.com offers the text of 100 speeches going back to 2002. The electronic library of his speeches and remarks runs to 36 pages. But will speeches alone, no matter how brilliantly read from the teleprompter, gain Obama access to Mount Rushmore? The answer is yes, if the Main Stream Media have anything to do with it. On the other hand, for those who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, the question is will Mohamed come to the mountain or will the mountain come to Mohamed.



Mount Rushmore beckons

But who reckons

Obama will be there

Not I said the hen

Not I said the wren

Nor I said the gentle hare

Mount Rushmore’s face

Will take its place

With monuments of old

Each likeness one

Of battles won

Of action brave and bold

Since time began

What sort of man

Used words instead of deeds

To gain the flame

Of fleeting fame

And think that he succeeds

We know of one

A Kenyan son

A master of disguise

But joining those

Whom history chose?

He’s not one of those guys



An Undisclosed Location

A few days ago a US drone strike in northern Pakistan killed a number of Pakistani Taliban. As the mourners gathered for the funeral some days later, another drone struck the funeral, killing three top Taliban commanders and between fifty and seventy rank and file Taliban, the number dependent on which source you believe. The already dead Taliban were not further harmed. The head Taliban guy, the top commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, attended the funeral, but according to some sources survived the attack. We shall see. You may recall that a few months ago the very same Baitullah Mehsud called the AP from an undisclosed location and boasted of the ruin he was about to rain on the United States and all its minions. The question is, since he called the AP from an undisclosed location, is he now also in an undisclosed location, dispersed by the drone strike over a square kilometer or two of Pakistani scrub.



Baitullah Mehsud was an angry man

Who called up the AP

To claim that he and his mates can

And will claim victory

He said he would amaze the world

With blows to the great satan

And claimed that death about him swirled

And terror lay a’waitin’

He sneered our fear hangs like a pall

And terror’s his vocation

But notice that he made the call

From an undisclosed location

But just because you’re undisclosed

Won’t mean you’re unlocated

Not if the US is disposed

To make your life truncated

The silent death from out the sky

Sought out the funeral party

The missiles flew and bye and bye

The men who once were hearty

Were just as dead as were their friends

Whose passing they were mourning

Struck down by those who sought their ends

Attacking without warning

A job well done we all would say

Good job from top to bottom

But did Mehsud escape that day?

I think we finally got him