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The Ben Bernanke Show

In recent testimony, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, admitted he had not a clue as to what to do in the current financial crisis, and the only option left was to do what he was doing and hope for the best. What he is doing is printing money, driving down the value of the dollar worldwide, and paving the way for giant inflation when the zero percent Fed rate bubble breaks. If Bernanke doesn’t know what to do, maybe we should get someone who does.



Call me old and cranky

But I do not like Bernanke

And I really do not like his QE2

Printing money like it’s tissue

Means inflation will not miss you

And life savings will go down the china loo

Why one man has all the power

To make men and women cower

At the thought of what it is he doesn’t know

He sits in that big Fed building

Picking lilies fit for gilding

The producer, star and writer of the Ben Bernanke Show