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The River

The history of the future is unknown, but so, ironically, is much of the history of the past. Little is known of the details of the decisions to make war, or peace, particularly among authoritarian regimes. Secrecy and speculation are at the heart of history. The real question is, was there actually a past? Did certain events actually happen? Is there a future? Or is the present all there is, all there ever was? Is there such a thing as time, or at the birth of the universe did everything happen at once? If everything happened at once, at the moment of creation of the universe, then we all are, in a very real sense, immortal. But perhaps there is such a thing as time, such a thing as a past and a future. If there is, then time is a river, and we are carried along by the tide, like it or not, to our ultimate destiny.   



Time is a river, it flows without end

The past is forever, the present a trend

We swim in the river for some little time

Then out of the river and up the bank climb

Some say this is death, but others say no,

The river says nothing, continues to flow

The future is up there, perhaps past the trees

The river has already flowed past with ease

Past trees, lakes and farmlands the river runs true

For time has an ending, but only for you