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Tectonic Plates

Time is always running out, time is always of the essence. Is time more precious to a leatherback turtle than it is to a Mayfly? Time, to man, comes in seventy year increments, with each believing that whatever needs be done must be done within that time frame. Will the American experiment end with a violent lurch to the left, as the populace votes for continued bread, circuses and free ice cream? Lord Macaulay, who knew something about holding the bridge against fearful odds, thought so, and so do I. The America I came of age in, post WW2 America, a man on the moon America, is gone, and will never again be. We can only do our best, but time, as usual, will tell the tale. But the question then reverts to the age old, What is time?



Time is not a passing stream

Of man and man’s events

All measured by our inner clock

In order to make sense

Tectonic plates move without cease

And seem to go so slow

We think of them in eons time

Yet how are we to know

For time is an illusion

Time is massless, tied to space

With different tempos, different times

For every different place

And so it is with man’s affairs

We see with childlike eyes

The passing seasons come and go

The stars glide through the skies

And still we think in lifetime terms

Believing all things last

Not knowing that the present

And the future are the past

The plates of history are swift

Like shadows on the wall

As ships of state once seen as great

Fly as before a squall

Dictators fall, dictators rise

Republics do as well

The plates of time decide the end

But what end? Who can tell?



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What Is Time?

Green power is erratic, and this power introduced into the power grid by windmills and solar panels causes fluctuations in the power grid, variations that will cause the clocks to run slow or fast and damage home appliances, including computers. And if the clocks go all wobbly, how will our technological age cope with a world out of phase with the correct time? But what if there is no such thing as correct time? Time has been defined as nature’s way of seeing to it that everything doesn’t happen all at once. But what if everything did happen all at once, at the Singularity? What if time is just a perception? What if the past, the present and the future are all here, in the one and only instant of time that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist? What of our clocks then? If there is no such thing as time, does it matter that the enviro-whackos set our clocks to wobbling?



I set my clock for half past eight

Lots of time, I’ll not be late

But somewhere in a western state

The wind refused to blow

I woke and saw the clock said ten

I showered, shaved and dressed and then

I drove to my appointment when

I heard a rooster crow

The tower clock said it was six

Though it was off by several ticks

But unconcerned, I knew the fix

Would see the hours slow

I got home in the nick of time

Just as my clock began to chime

And up the stairs I made the climb

And back to bed I go

For time does not exist you see

What’s ten for you is twelve for me

What always was will always be

And we shall never know


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The River

The history of the future is unknown, but so, ironically, is much of the history of the past. Little is known of the details of the decisions to make war, or peace, particularly among authoritarian regimes. Secrecy and speculation are at the heart of history. The real question is, was there actually a past? Did certain events actually happen? Is there a future? Or is the present all there is, all there ever was? Is there such a thing as time, or at the birth of the universe did everything happen at once? If everything happened at once, at the moment of creation of the universe, then we all are, in a very real sense, immortal. But perhaps there is such a thing as time, such a thing as a past and a future. If there is, then time is a river, and we are carried along by the tide, like it or not, to our ultimate destiny.   



Time is a river, it flows without end

The past is forever, the present a trend

We swim in the river for some little time

Then out of the river and up the bank climb

Some say this is death, but others say no,

The river says nothing, continues to flow

The future is up there, perhaps past the trees

The river has already flowed past with ease

Past trees, lakes and farmlands the river runs true

For time has an ending, but only for you