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O Time In Thy Flyte

Our national media are wont to scream headlines at us that turn out to be, shall we say, a bit hysterical? In 1977, for instance, Time magazine ran a screaming cover and hysterical inside stories about the coming Ice Age, and how huge numbers of us would die and so forth, and just thirty or so years later ran a screaming cover and hysterical inside stories about the coming catastrophe of Global Warming, where the oceans were about to boil and we would all die of asphyxiation from a super heated carbon dioxide atmosphere. Of the two, I would prefer the Ice Age. We could always burn copies of Time magazine to keep warm.



O Time in thy flyte

How often not right

How often thy headlines doth scream

But alack and alas

They do not come to pass

And events are not all as they seem

To thine editors all

And thine writers who scrawl

Of the horrors to come such as these

You would think they’d descry

The few copies we buy

Means their cup is now down to the lees


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Time magazine has presented us with an almost infinite number of Obama covers, believing, as they do, that Obama is the Messiah come to earth to heal the ills of the world and forgive its sins. Unfortunately, the covers are all we get; on the inside all the pages are blank.



Time covers come, Time covers go

Not one by Norman Rockwell

Inside the pages all were blank

That’s why Obama’s stock fell

Blank pages in a magazine

Give lie to cover’s greatness

But we’ll survive, we always have

Despite the hour’s lateness

An empty suit, a child at play

Put far above his station

He thought to make us in his like

A failed Abomination


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