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There Will Always Be Soldiers

Experts say Drones are the future of war, and that many countries are building them in hopes that drones will mean they won’t need more conventional forces. But you will always need soldiers. 



There will always be soldiers and women who love them

Or is it the other way ‘round

A drone on the other hand flies high above them

While never contesting the ground

A drone has no wife nor a child nor a nation

No drone ever took a held hill

And while an armed drone can long loiter on station

It can’t liberate, never will

A man with a rifle or sword or an arrow

A man with the guts to go hard at the foe

Will walk a defended street darkling and narrow

Will carry the flag where a drone cannot go

Oh yes there are those who think soldiers not needed

That armies and navies and air are no more

But where that false doctrine of warfare is heeded

That country will find there is sorrow in store



The Contradictions Of Punchless Pilot

President Obama is ruled by contradiction. He claims to be fighting a war, but offers captured enemy combatants, who respect no rule of law, the full constitutional rights accorded an American citizen, an insane policy no nation, including ours, has ever employed. To get around the business of actually capturing anyone, the president has embarked on an energetic drone campaign, loosing lightning from the sky, thereby eliminating the need for taking prisoners. This keeps him pure in the eyes of the left, at least for a time. Another benefit of taking no prisoners is that President Obama does not have to send them to the country club facility at Guantanamo Bay, otherwise known to the left as that hell-hole Gitmo, an act that would enrage his leftist base and leftist world opinion. And so, the president, the pilot of the American state, must defend the country, something he would much prefer be done by the United Nations and the Human Rights Commission, and washes his hands, like another Pilate, absolving himself of the dirty business of waging war.



The brow caressed by laurel wreathes

The toga cleaned and pressed

Our punchless pilot softly breathes

And puffs his manly chest

We do things by the law, he cried

Not our law, which has failed

These killers will be fairly tried

And afterward impaled

We’ll close that horrid Gitmo down

That place of US shame

The cause of every lefty frown

Or might just change its name

I am the pilot of this State

The greatest land on Earth

And that is why I am so great

For years I’ve proved my worth

I don’t like everything I do

Our enemies I love

A Predator that roams the blue

Is but a gentle dove

The things I do in secret, yea

Of them I wash my hands

Then punchless pilot turned away

Not knowing where he stands