There Will Always Be Soldiers

Experts say Drones are the future of war, and that many countries are building them in hopes that drones will mean they won’t need more conventional forces. But you will always need soldiers. 



There will always be soldiers and women who love them

Or is it the other way ‘round

A drone on the other hand flies high above them

While never contesting the ground

A drone has no wife nor a child nor a nation

No drone ever took a held hill

And while an armed drone can long loiter on station

It can’t liberate, never will

A man with a rifle or sword or an arrow

A man with the guts to go hard at the foe

Will walk a defended street darkling and narrow

Will carry the flag where a drone cannot go

Oh yes there are those who think soldiers not needed

That armies and navies and air are no more

But where that false doctrine of warfare is heeded

That country will find there is sorrow in store



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