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A Mighty Force

The United Nations has declared that Khaddafi must go. Of course, the UN, like the Pope, has a limited number of Divisions, and thus the orders to remove Khaddafi must be carried out by others, most of whom are entirely incapable of carrying out any order, let alone an order to commit war, even against a foe as weak as Khaddafi. And so, as always, it looks like if the order is to be carried out it will be carried out by the United States. But Obama has claimed repeatedly that we are not in a war in Libya, despite almost daily bombing by our airplanes, and one would think Obama would be loathe to anger his lefty base further by putting some boots on the ground. So what is the UN, that mighty force, to do?



The UN is a mighty force

Their word obeyed toot sweet of course

For all the world knows it has a mailed fist

The diplomats quick on the draw

The bad guys know their word is law

Just looking cross will put you on their list

Of course the members all are armed

And keen to see the bad guys harmed

They’ve got the stuff that flies and then goes BAM!

Or have I only dreamt that’s so

I fear that if the bad guys go

That once again it’s up to Uncle Sam