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Bond Rating

Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s have threatened to downgrade the United States’ bond rating if the mounting debt crisis doesn’t get solved. But it doesn’t look like Obama and the Dems want it solved, believing, as they do, that they and the lickspittle media can blame it all on the Republicans. And they may be right. I ran into my old friend Montmorency, who explained why he and other liberals had no fear of a downgraded bond rating.



You see, he said with knowing look

The game is going by the book

The game is playing out just like we planned

Bond ratings now are mostly bunk

Who cares if US bonds are junk

What matters is the market now at hand

We won in eight by making change

Our benchmark, and it’s passing strange

How smart folks like yourself just cannot see

That change to us means change writ large

And that’s why now that we’re in charge

We need to wreck the whole economy

For only then can hope appear

As things progress from dark to drear

And people turn to us to rescue lives

We know to get to that low point

We have to wreck the whole darn joint

And so we cheer as the bond market dives

He whistled as he walked away

Convinced that his kind ruled the day

And that they’d change the country now for good

But people know when they’ve been had

And we’ll fight back when fighting mad

That’s something Lefties never understood


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