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North Korea has announced it will weaponize its plutonium, is preparing for another nuke test, fires off rockets designed to reach the US, and warned that it would consider it an act of war if any of its ships were stopped for inspection, all while the United States looks on impassively. In January 1968, an unarmed US Navy ship, the USS Pueblo, was seized in international waters off North Korea by the North Korean navy. In the attack, one US sailor was killed, and the remaining 82 crewmembers taken hostage. In North Korean jails the crew was beaten and tortured until they confessed to espionage. Eleven months later the United States government apologized to North Korea and the crew was released. One day there will be another Pueblo, only this time it won’t be a ship that’s held hostage, it will be us. North Korea has hundreds of high caliber artillery tubes within striking distance of Seoul, with hundreds more short and medium range missiles capable of reaching every part of South Korea, including our bases in the south. What’s more, this artillery can deliver chemical weapons. Should the mercurial Kim decide to move, some two hundred thousand Koreans will be killed in the first twenty-four hours, most of them in Seoul, and many hundreds of our soldiers. What will we do if he says pay up or Seoul goes up in flames? And if you think that’s bad, just wait till he marries his nukes with missiles capable of reaching the West Coast.



Some say all right, just nuke them now

While others say let’s wait

They’ll change if we just scrape and bow

And things will be just great

Others say you’re both wrong, still

It really doesn’t matter

For what we know of Kim Jong Il

We’ll soon be all the sadder

For one fine day he’ll smile and say

You think we’ve all been playing?

It’s time to ante up and pay

There is no more delaying

I’ve got the nukes and missiles too

I’m not afraid to use them

LA, Spokane to name a few

Can you afford to lose them?

You could’ve stopped me long ago

But dithered and played my game

You had the guns but did not show

The guts and much to your shame

And so I offer you a way

To stop the nukes from flying

And save Spokane and then LA

From instant death from frying

And on that day you’ll cringe in fright

And cry out for your momma

As missile trails streak through the night

From Nome to Yokahama