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Sugar And Spice

President Obama has surrendered to Russian demands to cancel our planned missile defense architecture in Poland and the Czech Republic, and has gotten nothing in return but more demands. The Russians are apparently still displeased with our continuing attempts to defend ourselves and Western Europe from Iranian nuclear tipped ballistic missiles. Poland and the Czech Republic have been sold down the river, and the Russian bear is looking hungrily at Ukraine and Georgia. Putin declares the former Soviet client prison states still belong to Russia, and the president of the United States agrees in abject surrender, a weakness that causes smiles of derision and contempt from the likes of Hugo Chavez who has just concluded a deal with Putin for Russian arms and nuclear technology. Khrushchev once gauged another young and inexperienced American president as weak and we got the Cuban missile crisis. Has Putin judged Obama the same? Are we looking at a future Venezuelan missile crisis? 



Ya gotta learn to scrape and bow

Obama’s firm voice soared

We surely can’t create a row

On that we’re in accord

We’re stronger than those other guys

Which means we must agree

That we are neither smart nor wise

Good politics, you see

We bow the head to Saudi kings

We scrape to Putin too

We promise Iran many things

We say that we will do

Whatever North Korea wants

Whatever China craves

We full embrace bin Laden stunts

From Pakistani caves

Our burden is to lead the world

In being firm but nice

We are no longer strength unfurled

We’re sugar now, and spice



Pootie Poot

President George W. Bush once claimed to have looked into the eyes of Vladimir Putin and found a friend he could trust, a friend of freedom and of the United States. President Bush even had a pet name for him: Pootie Poot. I have to believe the pet name has changed Mr. Putin’s good opinion of freedom and the United States, assuming he ever had those good opinions. But if he did, would you want the most powerful man in the world calling you Pootie Poot? Especially if you thought you were pretty powerful yourself? I thought not. Calling the man Pootie Poot was a mistake, and we are now paying for it. Fortunately for Putin, he has found an American president he can bully, and he is doing so, much to his apparent delight. Demanding that we stab our friends the Poles and Czechs in the back by canceling the missile shield is only the beginning. 



So Pootie Poot has won again

The Russian Tsar is smiling

The O is like a boy ‘mong men

Concessions he’s a-piling

The missile shield will never work

He claims with so much bluster

And since there’s darkness and much murk

I’ve used my strength to muster

Our allies and our foes alike

To sit around a table

And ask the Persians not to strike

At least not till they’re able

And we all know the reason why

The missile shield’s not needed

When Persian missiles start to fly

Towards Europe who’ve not heeded

All warnings of impending doom

From Persian nukes and missiles

We’ll send Iran after each boom

Some strong and sharp epistles

So I agree with Pootie Poot

That Europe is a goner

And after that we’ll split the loot

And have our peace with honor